Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Monday was a yucky, rainy day. I am so ready for some sunshine!! The weather did however offer me the chance to catch up on laundry. I did laundry literally ALL day.

Barrett really gets stir crazy on days like this. He loves to play outside and when he is stuck inside, to quote his new favorite phrase, "Oh Nuts!" He begins to act a little nuts. LOL!!

He and Jack chased each other around the house. B put Jack in a laundry basket and pushed him around. They screamed and yelled, and then I screamed and yelled. Just kidding...a little.

Barrett does have quite the creative imagination. He called me in the den to show me his "deer stand". He made a stand and was "hunting" from inside the house. Hey, you have to make the best of a rainy day!

Sidenote: My last two posts have been about guns. I feel a little bit like M'Lynn from Steel Magnolias. "If he's trying to drive me crazy, it's to late!"

I really have nothing to say about the Bachelor from last night. Tweeting through out the show with the girls made it much more enjoyable. One of my friends was taking guesses as to how long it will last. My guess, about as long as Vienna's extensions do. UGH!!!!

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  1. Yes, loved last night tweets. ;)

    Also, I live in Texas and we had the rain here too. I am so exhuasted with this weather. It can be depressing. We are so use to being out doing things and staying busy but it seems like it has either been too cold or wet for some things this year (or a lot). Can't wait for some better weather.