Monday, September 28, 2009

My 30th Birthday!

Well I can't believe it but I'm 30. Thirty is my "officially old" age. My 30th also means that my wonderful hubby and I have been together for half of my life...which is crazy! My actually birthday was last Wednesday and we went to Shogun's with Christie, Cragg, Leeanne and Hunter.

Ryan got me something that I have been wanting Kindle!!!!!!!

I am so excited! I love it. He was excited to surprise me, he told me he couldn't believe it had not bought it already. He is the best!!!

My parents talked me into going to Lufkin on Saturday to celebrate with them and the grandparents. So we headed down after Barrett's soccer game on Saturday. I had a really bad headache, and they were like "Kelly go rest because were having people over for drinks later and we want you to enjoy." I didn't think anything of that, they have little get togethers alot. Later that night when people started coming over, who walks in but my two best friends, Karen and Patti!! They surprised me with a little get together. I was so fun, and I was really surprised!!! My sister, Mom and Hubby worked really hard to keep it from me.

Please excuse my appearance in the pics. I thought just a few of my parents friends were coming over so I didn't shower. I look like a hot mess, I'm aware!!!

I heart my cake it was sooo cute, and yummy!!! Christie did a great job on it!!

I had such a good time with my girls and it was so sweet of them to come in for it!!! And a special thanks to my sister, Ryan, Mom and Dad for getting it all together!!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Jack is 11 months old!

Oh my, where does the time go? Jack you are 11 months old today!!! You are such a sweet boy. Here's what your up to at eleven months.......

- You are getting 5 more teeth.

- Your trying to walk...taking steps here and there.

- You are so happy...when Mommy is around, your realizing sometimes I do have to leave.

- You are making the silliest face..."swishy face" all the time!

- Starting to eat real food. Banana, cheese, crackers, etc.

- Your a bit of a daredevil, love to climb on everything.

- Constantly take my wallflowers out of the wall outlets.

- Still try to eat dog food.

- Shake your head "no no" and wave "bye bye"

- Love to laugh at your brother and cousin Mims.

- Still don't have much hair.

- You love to clap. You clap all the time!!!

You bring joy to my heart everyday and I love you so much! I am so thankful for you. Daddy, Barrett and I can't wait to see what you will do next!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girls weekend, plus one!!

Well, it's Hunting Season again....the good news is it's also football season!!! Hoddy Toddy!!!

And really, I love both. It's just with little one's I don't get to do much hunting, just football watching. I am watching Ole Miss play while blogging right now and they are is good!!

The big boys...Ryan, Barrett and Uncle Cragg went dove hunting in North Texas this weekend. So the girls...Christie, Mary Michael, and myself + one little man (jack) had a slumber party weekend!! On Thursday we went to Canton and did a little shopping, Friday Night went to our first Lindale football game, and the rest of the weekend we hung out with the kiddos at my house. We had a great time and I'm glad the girls were here to keep Jack and I company!

I can't wait until the boys get home, I'm sure Barrett will have plenty of stories to tell from the big dove hunt. More to come on that later!!

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First Day of Pre-School and Soccer Practice

Last Tuesday was Barrett's first day of Pre-school. This year we are in Ms. Jennifer's class at our little church school. This will be Barrett's last year at First Kids and next year I will be in tears for Kindergarten. As for this year, Woo Hoo! LOL! Here are the boys before B-doodle's first day!!!

Last week was also our first soccer practice. Last year we tried to play, but Barrett wasn't really to into it. This year has started off a little better he actually participated in the practice. He is really liking the Falcons soccer team, let's hope this keeps up.

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