Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Weekend!!

I love Memorial Weekend! The start of summer, end of school, the beginning of the "I'm bored", "I don't want to go to the gym nursery", etc.

It is also the beginning of Beach Season!!! That is where we will be found this weekend!! The Texas Coast!!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!

Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Big B!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad, and the boys Big B!!!!

We love you so much and can't wait to have a wonderful weekend at the beach with you!!

Happy 56th! We love You!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain? Is that you?

Yesterday we FINALLY got some rain! It seems like it hasn't rained in forever. It started raining while we were on our way home from Tyler. Barrett was about to bust a gut to get home to play outside in his "hot tub". Yes, my child has dug his own redneck hot tub in the back yard!! He loves to play in the rain and MUD!! Here he is showing me how deep it is, he claims that it is warm too but I'll just take his word on it! HA!

A few days ago my cousin Julie sent me an email about these "denim diapers" they are by Huggies. I thought they were hilarious and I just had to get some for fun!! So I found a box at Walmart, I really had to look for them. The lady that checked me out asked if there were alot left where I found them. I told her not really, she said they have been selling like crazy?!? Who knows why, but they are pretty funny!!

"Lord have Mercy, Jack has got his blue jeans on!" Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Don't be jealous.....

Please don't be jealous but, tonight at exactly 12:01 a.m. I will be spending some time with these ladies.................................

Christie and I are going tonight! Sooooo excited!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Astros Game

On Sunday all my boys and I headed to Houston for our twin nephews birthday! We were all going to the Astros game! This was the boys first MLB game. I was a little worried about how Jack would do?!? Ryan's sister Dori, took the twins whole baseball team...CRAZY!!!

Here are the boys before we headed down to Houston. All decked out in Astros gear courtesy of Nana and PawPaw.

I am not gonna lie, with the seats we had I was a little scared! Since it was a birthday party we were a big group and up REALLY high! I was so nervous with Jack the whole time!!

We now have bats, necklaces, hats, balls...all things Astros and Overpriced!!

Kolby and Kayla
Barrett just had to ride next them on the way down...I'm pretty sure he wore his welcome out with them!! I know they were very thankful we MADE him ride with us on the way home!!

Astros Tatoo!!

Barrett and Breece

We had a great time, but my kiddos were worn out!! Jack didn't take a nap which didn't make for the best behavior at the ballpark, and we had a LONG drive home!! I was very glad we went, and what a great party for Braden and Bransen!!

Pre-K Graduation!

On Thursday Barrett graduated from Pre-K! I can't believe Kindergarten is next!! He was so cute dressed in his little seersucker suit!!

Here is B and Sophia BFF!!!

Barrett, Hunter, and Sophia. These three have have been in the same class since they were babies!!

Barrett, Cullen and Grayson How cute!!

Barrett and Taegen! She is such a doll...B's teacher Mrs. Jennifer's daughter.

We had a dinner and then the kiddos sang a few songs for us. I'm pretty sure my child was the LOUDEST one up there! No clue where he would get that from?

Barrett got an award from Mrs. Jennifer for Most Helpful. We were very proud of him. I was afraid he was going to get the Most Talkative award, HA HA!!! We loved having Mrs. Jennifer for a teacher this year!!

Here is Barrett graduating with Mrs. Debi, our director. I LOVE Debi!! I will never forget when after his first day of class at 2 years old, when I called Debi and said "I can't make him go! We are not coming back." Debi called me and assured me he would be fine, it just takes time!! She is a wonderful Director, and friend!!

Now Debi will have to coax me through another breakdown with Jack!!

I am so proud of my little man! Now it's off to Kindergarten...soon, not yet!!

Here are the best graduate buddies! I hope we can show this to them at their high school graduation someday, and I hope they are just as great of friends!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday T-Ball

Looks like someone had a tough morning at the gym huh?............

It never fails every time we drive the Jeep, on the way home Jack falls asleep. Granted this picture was taken after we went to the gym...and it was his nap time. Seriously the Jeep is like a baby soother, it's fabulous! Not to mention the perfect summer vehicle.

Jack has been OBsessed with bats lately. Whenever Barrett plays t-ball Jack has to get his bat and do it too. He can put it on the tee and hit it off pretty well, so cute! The large tee and t-ball bat are a little much for him so yesterday I got him a toy version. He loves it!! He played with it ALL day, as you can see he forgoes the toy bat and found a bigger one but whatever!

Barrett got a card in the mail today, which he was very excited about. The card was from Big B and SuSu. They can't be at his Pre-K graduation, so they sent him a card. He loves these talking cards, you open it up and it says "You did GOOOOOoooood!" I finally had to take the card away after hearing it a thousand times!!

I made the best dinner yesterday...the PW's Pineapple Chicken Quesadillias. Oh my, they were DElish!! Please make them!!

Okay, I'm getting hungry
, so off to Zumba for me! Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Old School Books and Swimming

Yesterday, Barrett had his first swim of the year...if you don't count the hot tub of course! Some of his neighborhood friends invited him over to swim next door at their grandparents house. He had a blast...the water was a little cold, but that wasn't going to stop him!!

In other news, I am so excited to read my new "old school" book. I have been hearing all about this Geneen Roth book, "Women Food and God". Oprah had the author on and said it is a must ya know I just have to read it right?? My only problem with this book is that it was not offered in ebook form, meaning I can't put it on my iPad...which I hate! Before I got my iPad I was reading on a Kindle, so it has been awhile since I have read an actual "book". Anyhoo, has anyone else read it? Thoughts? Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Sundaes

We had a lazy Sunday around the house yesterday. We were still hosting company so the boys all played outside...thankfully:)!! Ryan's Mom and I worked on a poster for Kolby's athletic banquet this week. I so feel like yesterday that I was going to these things myself, although it has been awhile!

I am loving this time of year, it hasn't been to hot to stay outside...yet! I am also loving the fact that my flowers are blooming! Especially my hydrangeas!

I would love to have fresh flowers in my house ALL the time. Since that isn't an option I love it when I can grow my own to cut and enjoy inside the house.

We all took a Jeep ride to get the boys some ice cream and me a sonic diet coke, otherwise know as my crack!! Ha Ha!! Barrett insisted on feeding Jack ice cream on the drive home which made for one messy little boy!!

B-doodle took Jack and Lola on a wagon ride....they both seemed to really enjoy it!

Don't you love this expression, "Mom why are you taking pictures...again?"

It was a beautiful Sunday spent with the three boys that I adore!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soccer Party and Cause for the Paws!

We had a great Saturday!! We started the day off by getting the fruit tray ready for our end of season soccer party. Barrett helped me make the fruit skewers and white chocolate strawberries...helped me make a mess that is! My fruit skewers turned out so cute, but let me just say next to the chocolate strawberries there was no contest...strawberries won hands down. Maybe next time I'll just make TONS of strawberries!!

The party was held at the Keith's house, it was so kind of them to have us all! Especially since it was a house full of little boys dragging every toy imaginable out!!

After the soccer party Nana and PawPaw came over to keep the boys while Ryan and I went to Miranda Lambert's 3rd annual Cause for the Paws! Barrett was so excited because Nana brought Uncle Kolby and his friend Gunnar, but she also brought B's cousin Breece! Breece and Barrett are the same age and have so much fun together! It's usually all the big boys with Barrett and Breece, but this time it was just the two of them. Plus this was the first time Barrett had a friend/cousin sleep over!!

I was so looking forward to Cause for the Paws...I love Miranda Lambert!! We have sponsored the event since the beginning and it has grown every year. She raises money for her Muttnation Foundation and the East Texas Humane Society, such a great cause!!

We took some friends with us The May's our wonderful new neighbors, and some employees from the dealership... Kylie and Bryan, Tiffany and Cody, and Mike and his friend Angie. We also had the company of the Nance's who we met up with at the concert.

The food and wine was great!! My only complaint is that it was sooo hot!! Well that is not my only complaint. My wonderful husband had all the the tickets and VIP passes here at the house before we left. He told me he was going to run Cody and Tiffany's up to the dealership, because they live in Tyler and were just going to meet us there. No problem. So the rest of the group all rode together and we got our arm band, bags, and got seated at the event. While mingling around Ryan said Kelly we get to have a meet and greet with Miranda. I was so excited! I was like well how do we do that nobody said anything to us about it. So we got some wine and food. While we were waiting in line Kylie says to me, "Kelly why do some of the badges have VIP guest and some have VIP sponsor?" I was like I have no clue...Hmmmm? I didn't think anything else about it. So we were all eating, drinking and enjoying...all of us except for Cody and Tiffany that is. I just assumed they were late, no biggie. Finally I see them walking in and they come over the the table and Cody says to Ryan, "Where have y'all been man. We were in a room eating with Miranda and the band."

At this point I'm sure that everyone could see the smoke coming out of my ears!!!!! I just sat quietly and listened to their story of how when they walked in they were whisked away to a special room, with A/C I might add and how they had dinner with Miranda!!!!!!! I then proceed to look at their my passes on their neck, their passes say VIP SPONSOR, not VIP guest. My crazy husband gave them MY VIP passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooooo upset!!! Now keep in mind I couldn't be mad at them, they had no clue that they weren't supposed to be doing that! My husband didn't read the passes he assumed they were all the same and just gave two of them to Cody earlier that day. Well needless to say I wanted to cry, I asked them if they met her or took a picture at least and the answer was no, and we forgot the camera...TEARS people, TEARS!!!!!!!

After I settled drank myself into a reasonable state, it was a great evening!

My sweetie and I, obviously before I knew my Miranda meeting was crushed! HA!

Jeanne's wonderful husband Shaun got Jeanne and I these wonderful cupcakes! Jeanne nor I won the David Yurman necklace, but it was so sweet of Shaun to get us these! I think he knew I needed a little cheering up! And let me just say that we ate these, and they were the best fifty dollar cupcakes I have ever had!!

Miranda Lambert: "We have been on tour for about five years now...and I want all of you to know that I have been representing for us NORMAL girls. You know, the kind that will drink a beer with you and eat fried food. But I do know that all the prettiest girls..come from TEXAS!" before singing "Only Prettier"

Miranda put on a great show and raised ALOT of money for a great cause!! What a stand up East Texas girl!! It was a fabulous time!!!