Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day at "Chunky Cheese"?

For Mother's Day the boys woke me up with cards, and Barrett had a special gift that he made at school for me!!

My very thoughtful husband also had gotten me a card. While opening it, he told me
"Sorry if it's to much, they were all picked over." Gee Babe, thanks so much! Ha! He also informed me that he was going to get me a necklace, but he thought he'd better let me choose it or I wouldn't wear it. Ha! This man knows me ALL to well!!!

Why would any sane mother spend their Mother's Day at "chunky cheese" you ask? Well you would have to ask my SIL about that. Sunday was also my twin nephews, Braden and Bransen's birthday. So the whole family was driving down from Lufkin to go to "chunky cheese". Yes I know that it's actually "Chuckie Cheese", my despise for the place lead me to rename it. Ryan told me that I didn't have to go, but I felt like I should.

Jack was so scared of all the rides I made him get on, I thought he would love them but not so much!

Hopefully my children will never ask for a party at "chuckie cheese" it would most likely be closed for repairs at that time! HA!!

After the party everyone came to our house to recover visit. With Dori's four boys, Barrett and Kolby, we had our own baseball team! The boys played wiffle ball all afternoon, they had so much fun! It's times like that I wish even more that all B and Jack's cousins lived close to us!

It was a great mother's day despite the venue! I am so thankful to be a Mom to the most beautiful, and special little boys in the world!!

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