Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunday at Rough Creek

After our quick trip to Lufkin we decided to make another quick trip....to Rough Creek that is.  It is hard to believe that I hadn't been to RC in MONTHS!  The boys were so excited to get back there too. 
The boys spent the day working and getting dirty....story of my life:)
Jack brushing up on his shuffleboard skills.....
We cleaned up and got the place back in working order. It was such a nice day at RC....minus the HEAT!  Rough Creek looked beautiful and honestly I had forgotten how much I enjoy being there.  My boys are just completely in heaven when we are there!  We are SO incredibly blessed!!

Millie's first birthday!

On Saturday July 14th we drove down to Lufkin for sweet Millie's first birthday party!!  It is crazy to think this sweet little munchkin is a year old!  

Christie did a great job decorating for the party...I on the other hand did a terrible job with pictures (obvi), meaning I didn't take any.  It was a great party, the cousins had so much fun together!!  Happy Birthday Millie!  We love you!!!!! 

Girls Beach Trip

So on Sunday July 8th the whole family headed back home to reality...everyone but me that is.  Karen, Patti and I had a girls trip planned.  It was SO good to see my girls!!!!! 

We did alot of this........
and this......
The weather was not the best...ok....who am I kidding, it was pretty bad.  It rained the majority of the time, but we did not let it dampen our fun!  We had a blast talking, drinking and watching "Real Housewives"!!  Karen and I may or may not have tricked Patti into bringing sweet Wilson so we could enjoy him and not have our own kiddos with us.  HA! Sorry Patti!!  Wil was an absolute doll and he was a trooper!!
I miss these girls everyday but when we get together it's like we have never been apart!!!  Thanks for a great few days girls....let's do it again soon!!

Beach time & the 4th

Hello all!!!  I realize it has been forever since I last blogged...busy but FUN summer!!! These next few posts will be full of pics and not of content...mainly because I can't remember that far back:)

So we will start with the end of June and July 4th.  On June 26th the boys and I headed to Lufkin for a quick visit before we headed to the beach for 2 weeks.  We wanted to see SuSu and Big B and our favorite girls!  Christie and I took the kiddos to see "Brave"...the boys loved it mainly because of the big scary bears. Mary Michael on the other hand liked everything, but the bears... HA!!!
For our first week at the beach we took Nana, Uncle Kolby and his girlfriend Miranda with us.
The professional crab hunters!
We had a great time with them!  On Friday SuSu and Big B joined us....along with Ryan.  Yea, for Daddy!!  Whew...I never knew how hard it was at the beach without Daddy!! HA!!  I was so glad to see him and so were the boys!
My beach boys....loving life!!
Sweet brothers....{most of the time}
Barrett is like a scavenger on the beach he finds TONS of cool treasures!  Lures, shells, and the latest a crab trap.
The rest of the family arrived on Monday.  We had a full house....but we love it that way!!

Ryan and sweet Millie!
Anna, our FABulous sitter came down to help wrangle all the kiddos!!
This was our setup on the beach....I though it was so super cute!!  A special thanks to my sweet hubby and Big B who graciously set it up everyday so that all we had to do was make a drink and have a seat!  Total beach bums!!
Our friends the Reeds and the Holleys also joined us for a fun filled fourth of July week!  We had a ton of kiddos on the beach and they all had such fun!!

While all the adults went to dinner...sweet Anna kept ALL the kiddos. ( Jack was already asleep) What a great looking group!
More fun with friends!
My beach boy!!
The one family pic we took.....

 Love these two!!!!

 Love this man.....
My boys and I.....

It was a WONDERFUL 2 weeks with my boys!!!  They are truly beach boys.  We had such a great time with family and friends!  Our annual July 4th fireworks show was fabulous as usual!!  We are so blessed to be able to have such a great place to spend the summer!!