Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend at the Beach

This past Friday we were sponsors for Miranda Lambert's annual "Cause for the Paws" event again.  We love this event and are happy to support Miranda's cause and be a part of this fun event.  This year was the first time it was not in Tyler.  They also chose a larger venue this year, the Ford Center in Beaumont.  It worked out great for us because Beaumont is so close to the beach house and we decided to make a weekend out of it!  We dropped the boys off with Nana and PawPaw in Lufkin and headed South.  We were able to take a few couples so we had a fun was Ryan & I, my parents, the Reeds, the Daughtrys & the Winstons. 

My annual pic with Bev... Miranda's mom who organizes the whole event.  

We had cocktails and dinner in the VIP suite with the other sponsors and Miranda and the Pistol Annie's!! It was SO fun!  We have been able to meet Miranda in the past....but this year was so cool!  I got to talk to her, Ashley, and Angelina.  They were so SWEET!!  We have pics with Miranda and the Pistol Annie's from Miranda's photographer that we will get in a few days, I'll post them later.  After dinner was the silent auction and then it was showtime!  

The Josh Abbot Band and Wade Bowen opened up for Miranda and they were both great!

Angie R, Angie D, and I......

Angie and I.....

I guess I was to busy enjoying myself...HA!  I didn't take any pictures of the show.  Oh was SO much fun and Miranda put on a fabulous show as usual!!  The Pistol Annie's also performed and I just LOVE them...their voices are so great together.  

On Saturday we spent a great day on the Beach!!  We had a nice breeze and enjoyed having NO kids and soaking up some sun.  I forgot how easy it is to go to the beach without the kiddos, ha...I mean no toys, snacks, etc. was nice;)

While we were beaching it....Nana, PawPaw and the boys were sweating it out at the Ranger game!  

They said it was fun, but the afternoon games are for the was just TO HOT!!

On Sunday we slept in and it was SO nice.  Our friends the Winstons, Dee and Jennifer....graciously offered to let us hitch a ride home with them in their new jet!  I was SUPER excited...I mean how often do you get that chance to do that?!?  Ryan and I jumped on that idea, it cut our travel time from 3 hours to like 25 minutes.  CRAZY!!!!  How beautiful is this jet??  

Ryan....thinking he is cool! Who am I kidding, so did I!! HA!!!

Flying first class....literally!!!

Our Captains and friends...Dee and Jenn!!

This is a view of Moody Gardens and Galveston....

The flight was amazing!!!  Thanks SO much Dee and Jennifer!!  After that ride I told Ryan he better sell a few more cars, haha!!!!!!!  Yeah....NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!  What a great weekend!!!!!

Our Week in Instagram

Last week was a great was our last week of scheduled activities of summer, thankfully!  Barrett started baseball camp on Monday. 

Ready to play!

Sweet friends on the first day of camp!!

On Tuesday after camp Kamden came over to play with us.  I took the boys to see Madagascar 3, which was really cute.  Later that day another friend, Abram came over and I had FOUR dirty little boys playing in the backyard.  Such fun!  Abram spent the night with us...we had an evening jeep ride, pizza, and fun times!

Abram and Barrett had "water day"on Wednesday at baseball camp to practice sliding.  

It was also the last day of baseball camp and since the boys were in their swimsuits we thought we would make a day of it.  So...we loaded up the boys and took them to Splash Kingdom.  Ashley and her boys, along with Christina and her two kiddos joined us for fun in the sun( who am I kidding) the HEAT!!

Abram, Barrett, Asher and Cason!

These two took awhile to warm up to each other...but pretty soon they were holding hands floating down the lazy river!  They were SO cute!!

Another fun day in the SUN with friends!!!  LOVING summer!!!

Father's Day

This post is SUPER overdue....but hey, it's summer!!!  Ryan, Daddy, or my personal favorite name for him, Babe...he is the head of our family and the love of our lives!!  We are all SO grateful for his never ending hard work and dedication to our family.  You are SO loved and SO appreciated Ryan/Daddy...we love you more that words!!!  

For Daddy's big day we decided to take him to lunch!  Here are Daddy and his boys ready to go.....

Sweet boys!!

Ok...this little fella couldn't even take time to pose for me :)

So tired......

We got a call from the Reed's after lunch, Jeff and Cole had ball practice but Angie and Carley wanted to go to the lake.  They asked if we wanted to go, of course we did.... and Ryan took us out for a FUN day on the lake!!

Barrett, Carley and Jack (with a friend of Carley's)

The kids wanted to tube ALL DAY!!! They had such fun!  The lake was pretty crowded, there were quite a few boats out there which means you are dealing with other people wakes.  First off the tube was the girls...Barrett rides like he is GLUED on the thing!  He thinks it is hilarious when other people fall off, but he wasn't to sure he wanted to do it himself, HA!  After a few rides....WHOOPS there went Barrett doing a sideways cartwheel off the tube!  I was a little worried about his reaction...but when we circled around to pick him up...he was good.  I was just praying that little Jack wouldn't fall off!

Jack is actually a much more independent than Barrett...he is an absolute wild man....but let's face it, he is only 3!!  I mean seeing your baby fly off the tube into the lake is NOT what you want to be doing on a Sunday afternoon.  It really hasn't been a problem, Ryan takes it easier when Jack is riding.  Not that Jack would have it that way...he is giving the the thumbs up sign to go faster non stop...WILD CHILD!!  Anyhoo...all the kids were riding and an unexpected bump and OH NOOOOOO...there was Jack doing a BACKFLIP off the tube!!  I was about to jump off the boat and swim to him...but I knew that the boat could get there we circled around (as I am yelling Jack, Jack! Are you okay?!?)  Jack was fine! He was waving his arm so we could see him...bless his heart, and then he just swam back to the tube and climbed up, ready to go again!!  LOVE that boy!!!

Jack and Carley!

We missed Jeff and Cole....but it was such a fun day on the lake with friends!!  Ryan did all the work (as usual) but I think he had a great Father's day!  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturday at the Lake

Last Saturday we spend a FUN day at the lake with family and friends.  Nana and Kolby came down to pick up Kolby's pontoon boat that had been getting some work done on it.  They spent the night with us on Friday and then we all headed to Lake Palestine on Saturday and the Sacrey's came to join us too! Barrett and Braden ready to hit the lake....

Jack and Nana..."On the Pontoon"!  I'm not sure if anyone reading out there likes country music...but my boys are OBSESSED with the Little Big Town song, "Pontoon".  They know every word...and they thought it was hilarious that they could sing their favorite song on an actual pontoon!! 

Kolby...taking his boat out for the first time.  He was SO excited!

Chelsey and I......ready to cruise on the lake.

The boys immediately wanted to tube.  Braden and Barrett on the outsides of the tube to wrangle the little boys Logan and Jack.  Such cuties!

Snack time for Jack and Logie.....

The big boys....loving life.

More tubing fun....these boys are unstoppable!  They would tube ALL day!!!

It was a beautiful day...luckily the rain stayed away!!  We had a LONG day on the lake, we didn't get off until 8pm.  WHEW!!  Chelsey and I made it somehow, HA!!  We ended the day with dinner at Unk's Shrimp Shack.  Such a GREAT day!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Splash Kingdom with friends

On Friday the boys and I headed to Splash Kingdom to meet friends for a day of fun in the sun.  It was our first trip to Splash Kingdom this year, the boys were excited!

Barrett and Keaytn!

Jack and Addilyn!!

We spent the whole day at SK... it was a LONG day for Mom, but we had such fun with friends!

When we got home Mommy was in desperate need of this....

This is SO yummy...tastes like a jolly rancher!! The perfect ending to a crazy day at the water park. I LOVE summer!!

Dallas trip

On Thursday Ryan had a meeting at Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas for a "Drive Away" to pick up the new Dodge Dart.  We had tickets to the Ranger game that the boys and I drove to Dallas to meet Daddy for the game.

Here are the boys with the new Dart!

Before the game we had a yummy dinner at one of our favs....Pappacito's!

My sweet boys and I!!

Next it was game time!!

Thankfully it was an evening it wasn't blazing hot!  We had a nice breeze and great seats, it ended up being a nice night.

The Rangers didn't have the best game....but we had a great time!  The boys love going to the games, I don't think the cotton candy has anything to do with it.  Love summer family time together!!