Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Texans Game

We were forced to come home from the beach last Thursday for a baseball game....not really. Well....maybe :)  We had our 11th game to play and the boys were ready!  No practice did them good actually, the boys  played great!!  
B-man on deck.  He hit awesome!  His first at bat was an RBI double!
Kolby and Miranda came up to watch Barrett play his game.  Jack had such fun with Miranda!
Ready to drive it again!  
The bat boy falling down on the job...diet coke break.
B-man nailing one!!
It was a HOME RUN!!! I love these pictures...the team ran out to congratulate him!!
Look at that face....so excited!!!  Way to hit babe!!!!
So proud of my Boy!! Proud of the whole Texans Team!

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