Thursday, June 7, 2012

Date night in Dallas

On Wednesday Ryan took me to Dallas for a little getaway date night!  He knew I needed a night out and suggested we go to our favorite hotel and have one of our favorite dinners!  So Sweet!!  We stayed at Hotel Zaza...last time we were there we had a huge suite.  Our room was just a regular room this time...but still very nice!  We just relaxed in the room before dinner and rented a our favorite things to do...veg out in the room!  We watched "Gone", it was pretty good.  

We had dinner at one of our FAVS...Trulucks.  I had stone crab and Ryan had a steak.  I forgot to take pictures, shocker.  It was 1/2 price wine night....lucky me so I had a wonderful bottle of Rombauer all to myself! Don't worry I didn't drink it all...brought it home:)  We had such a nice dinner together!!  Truluck's did not disappoint!  

Anna kept the boys and they had alot of fun too!!  They went are my little fishies!!

Anna took these pictures a year apart....
Last year (left) & this year (right)  They have grown up so much!!!!

Today.... Ryan and I slept in..... then did a little shopping and had a great lunch!  

It was a quick but VERY enjoyable trip!  Thanks Babe!!!!