Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vegas & Nashville

On Sunday September 9th, Ryan and I left for two business trips.  First stop was VEGAS!!  We had a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep meeting there.  We stayed at the Wynn, our first time at this hotel and it was FAB!!  Ryan and Jeff did some finagling at the front desk and scored us suites that were amazing!!!

Seriously one of the nicest rooms I have stayed in!!  Let me just say I love Vegas, but not for the gambling....I am more of a show seeing & shopping Vegas traveler.  Luckily the Reeds our friends are the same!

On Sunday night we went to see "O" at the Bellagio was just wonderful!!  I loved it!!  After the show we came back to the Wynn to have a late dinner at SW, the food was SO great!!
Angie and I spent the day shopping while the boys were at the meetings.  This was so not typical for us, but we got sucked in at a skincare shop and this lady was putting all kinds of stuff on us for anti aging miracles.  She was a SALES lady, I told Ryan she would have made a fabulous car salesman!!  She showed us pictures of "real housewives" that had been in and bought the products and was just laying on her sales pitch!  She did say that Angie and I were the toughest cookies, she couldn't get us to commit, HA!!  I admit that the products were pretty amazing but let me tell ya, so was the $$ tag!!!  We FINALLY snuck our way out of the store and I will NEVER make that mistake again, look away shoppers, LOOK AWAY!!!!!!!
Angie and I did have a great day of shopping, we had so much fun!  After the great skincare debacle 2012 we headed back to our favorite bar at the Wynn and told Angela (our favorite bartender) that we needed something strong!  She made us a drink called the "piano".  Let me tell you, it only took a couple and Angie and I were singing alright, HA!!  
The boys found us at the bar after their meetings, and they had some catching up to do!!

On Monday night we all attended the Dodge dinner meeting at the MGM. 

 Here are Angie and I with Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne.........
Crazy way to get a glass of wine.........
After the dinner, we had some special entertainment from Jerry Seinfeld.  He was really funny!!  On Tuesday we had a relaxing day by the pool and then onto some more shopping and like 5 minutes of gambling.  Tuesday night we went to dinner at Lavo, it was an Italian place from the owners of TAO.  Lavo was SO good!!  After dinner we headed to meet some other friends for drinks and had a great time catching up.  

We were up early on Wednesday trading Vegas for Nashville and the Dodge meeting for the Ford meeting.  It was a long day of travel, but we finally arrived in Nashville and were ready for a night out on the town.  
We had dinner downtown at Southern Oyster and Steaks, it was really good! After dinner we walked around downtown and looked at all the tourist stops like Tootsie's and The Stage.  Next we headed to a bar recommended by a friend called Losers.  It is more of a local hangout, a lot of Vanderbilt kids were there and we felt really OLD!!  We happened to be there on a great night they were having a benefit for something and Kevin Anderson and Heidi Newfield were playing.  Besides looking like old crazy people it was a great time! 

On Thursday after the Ford meetings we walked around at the Grand Ole Opry.....
Thursday night we had another meeting and dinner, the usual.  It was a fun trip with friends!  BUSY and lots of travel, but great memories made and a little work mixed in!!

Fun Friday!

After our second week of school and back in the swing of things, we had a fun Friday in store.  Friday September 7th, Susu came up to have lunch with Jack for grandparents day at his Christie and the girls decided to tag along and we all had lunch at school with Barrett.  He was a lucky boy to have all his favorite girls bring him lunch!
Friday night we loaded up with the Nance family and the McCartney boys to head to Carthage for the football game.  We stopped in Tatum to eat at a great steakhouse....Fairview Ranch Steakhouse, where we ran into the Thurman family. Fun times with some crazy kiddos!!  My boys love a road trip!!
Barrett and our favorite Star Stepper, Karah!!
The Eagles fought hard, but Carthage proved to much of a challenge....but we had a great time with friends!!
Love this picture, how sweet are they!

Dove Hunt 2012

After a busy first week of school and us getting back from Mexico you would have thought we would slow down a bit for the weekend.....but with my boys that is NEVER an option!  September 1st was opening weekend for dove season and the boys made their annual trip to North Texas to hunt.  This was the first year the Jack got to go, so I was home by myself!  

Friday night I went to the football game to watch the Eagles play and see my daughters friend perform with the Star Steppers for the first time!  Karah did great with the drill team and the Eagles won their first game!  On Saturday while the boys hunted...Anna and I did a little shopping in Dallas and them home for some college football!!!  I love FALL!!!!!

My hunting them so!

They had such are my boys this big and could they be any more like their Daddy!?!  

First Days of School 2012

While Ryan and I were lounging in paradise my parents and Anna were home getting the boys ready for their "meet the teacher" and "first days of school"!!  I was super heartbroken to miss my boys "meet the teacher" and first days....I will make sure it won't happen again!!  Luckily I knew the boys teachers so they didn't think I was some kind of slacker mom, HA!!

Barrett's meet the teacher was Thursday August is my handsome 2nd grader!!!
Barrett got Mrs. Hinna this year and we couldn't be happier!!  She is fabulous, love her!!!!
Ready for 2nd grade!!

Jack's meet the teacher was Sunday August 26th...ready for the 4 year old class with Mrs. Stephanie!!
Monday the 27th was the first day of school......Here is B-man ready for the day!!
How is this possible?!?

Jack apparently wasn't ready for school on Monday...just baseball....silly boy!!

Since Jackers was starting at a new school I didn't make him start on Monday....I waited until I got home on Wednesday.  So Wednesday was Jack's first day of school....handsome boy!

I had the boys pictures taken before I left on our trip with a "back to school" theme mini session with Admire Photography.  I LOVE them, Lynsey does such a great job!!!!

Happy back to school!!! Hope all your kiddos had great first days!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ohhhh Mexico!

On August 23rd Ryan and I left for a much needed vacay....we met some friends for a week in paradise at the One & Only Palmilla in Cabo.  

Adios Tejas!!
The view from our WONDERFUL room!!
Ryan lounging on the patio.....
Our room......
At Cabo Wabo......
Mindy and I sunning!
Headed to dinner in Cabo......
The resort was SO nice....they grounds were exquisite and the staff was just amazing!!  From complimentary foot massages by the ocean everyday to poolside sun glass cleaning, this place was just FABulous!!!!  One of the my other favorite treats was the daily poolside fruit sorbets!
I never got tired of waking up to this!!!
Mindy and I at Cartier......that spoiled little girl got herself a Love bracelet.  J/K Mindy!  Mindy and Brent's anniversary is coming up and the prices were considerably better in Mexico, so hey, why not!?!  I didn't mind celebrating with her, I was only a tad bit jealous:)
Ryan and Brent at dinner.....these two have alot in common, some CRAZY wives!!! HA!!!
Love this man!!!  We had such a great time together!!  

I took this picture our last morning at breakfast.  We SO much enjoyed this trip!!  We had a great time with Brent and Mindy and look forward to more trips together.  Thanks Babe for a wonderful vacay!!  
Is it to early to book for the next one????