Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabulous Day!

Today has been a truly FABulous day! I started the day off with a workout. The boys and I and then headed to get our new babysitter, Cheyenne. She kept the boys while I went and got a manicure!! Two week ago exactly I had gotten the CNC Shellac manicure which is supposed to last for 14 days. And it does! I have never had polish stay on so well, I love it!! So great!

After my manicure Ryan and I went and got something WONDERFUL!!!............

And to make my day even better!!! Tonight at Midnight I will be watching this......

I love today!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Redneck Sunday

On Sunday the big boys were gone to Rough Creek to work on the Cabin. I decided a dip was in order for Jack on this very hot day! He wanted to be outside and I thought what a perfect way to beat the heat!

I love to splash!!

Okay Mom, what else am I supposed to do?

The boys worked at Rough Creek all day and when they came home the trailer was loaded down with all kind of Barrett's favorite things! He had to show me the track hoe that he drove!!

Jack was just happy with a wrench! P.S. I titled this "redneck" for a reason. Yes that is my child out in the yard with only a diaper on, terrible!! I'm aware!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Splash Kingdom Friday!

Today I decided we were not sitting around at home, we were going out to do something! I called Christie and Leeanne and we headed to Canton for Splash Kingdom. We got there right on time and got our spot under the umbrella...thank goodness! We ran into Jerretta Nance and her precious girls, it was a nice surprise!

The water was freezing at first hence Jack's face! HA! It was pretty overcast at first, but later the sun came out. We all floated the lazy river and then had some lunch. After lunch Leeanne and Christie watched Jack and Barrett and I headed to the big slides! Barrett was a little hesitant but he said as long as I rode with him he would do it. We made the climb up the VERY tall stairs and when we were about half way, he looked down and started rethinking the situation. I told him that once you go up the only way down is the slide. He finally agreed and we proceed to make our way up to the top. While waiting for our turn it started to rain and I thought they might not let us go down, but it stopped thankfully!! We had the double tube, B rode in front and I sat behind him and wrapped my feet around him for extra safety. It was a pretty fast ride and VERY fun! As we came off the lifeguard told me his eyes were like saucers! He loved it! I was so proud of him!

Jerretta said I see Jack keeps you busy, "yeah just a little! Ha!" He is ALL over the place! I was talking on the phone while he was walking around in the kiddie pool and he went down and I had to yank him up by the arm. I see people laughing at me, Oh yeah Mother of the year!!

Jerretta made the mistake of telling Barrett that Mr. Mike, her husband bought a new track hoe. I told her he was going to be down at her house wanting to ride it! As soon as we got home he was outside working, they boy NEVER stops!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jumping Jack Flash!

I thought I would post a few pics of things that Jack has been up to lately. Jack is sooo the second child, he does things that Barrett would have never tried!! I love that he is so fearless, and independant. Well, I love it for NOW at least. He is ALWAYS into something! He can open all the doors and cabinets, he sneaks out of the house all the time, and he is a notorious climber!

Jack the cookie monster!

Jack the diet coke spiller!!

Jack the phone snatcher!!! (p.s. naked texting, don't try this at home!)

You can make a mess and scare me to death, but most of the time you are the sweetest little man ever! We love you to pieces!!

Father's Day...A week late!

I totally forgot to do my fathers day post last Sunday, I have been in a blogging rut lately. I blame my DVR for this, but it could be a number of things! HA!!

For Father's Day I decided to be nice and do something that the boys LOVE to do and I don't so much!! Just kidding, but not really. We have some land the we bought from my Grandmother that is in Palestine, about an hour away from us. Ryan thought it would be great for the boys to have a place they could play and hunt on that was close to us. I have to agree it is great, it's just not so great right now because it's JUST land! Ryan has dug a pond and now built a shed out there. He has most recently started the cabin. That is when I will go out there when I have A/C and a T.V., I'm not ashamed!! So I thought since that is where they enjoy being that I could go, it was Father's day after all! We had lunch at Mercados in Tyler and then headed out to "Rough Creek", that's what we call it.

Jack, Daddy, Paw Paw and Barrett

This will be the view from our front porch!! Gorgeous!!

This little man is in his element out here, I think of Steel Magnolias "In Jackson's family you either shoot it, stuff it, or marry it!" Yeah, that sounds about right for Barrett! Ha!!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband Ryan; "Paw Paw" Ryan's Dad, and Big B my fabulous Dad, who was enjoying the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach for Father's Day! We love you all!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stings and the Watermelon Snatcher

Today SuSu and Big B were in town and the girls and my two boys headed to Tyler for lunch. Since it wasn't quite lunch yet, I pulled into a store to kill some time. While getting out Barrett says Mom I don't have shoes! I said Barrett I told you to grab your flops before we left!! He looks at me and says "SORRY, I forgot." ARgggg!! Let's just be glad I made a stop to waste time, I'm pretty sure the restaurant has a no shoes policy! Nobody wanted to make the lunch decision so Barrett decided he would. It never fails if my Mom is eating with us Barrett ALWAYS wants to go to Clear Springs, it is so funny. He ONLY mentions it when she is eating with us??

After lunch we headed home for naps. I needed a break from the HEAT, it is so terrible already!! I can walk outside for 5 seconds and be sweating. It really makes me want to keep my workout clothes on all day!

After Jack's nap the boys wanted to go outside, being that it was a million degrees I suggested a Ranger ride. They agreed and we headed down the road to Shi Shi's house. While at Christie's house we went out to see her garden. Barrett, Christie, Mims and I were all admiring the garden, while Jack was walking around. All the sudden I hear Jack screaming crying holding his ear. I though I saw him swatting at something. I looked in his ear and he had been stung inside the ear, by who knows what! I felt so bad. Christie made a paste that we put on and it seemed to help ease the pain. After Jack settled down I decided we should head home. Christie was walking us out and she says, "Oh what happened to my little watermelon?!" AHHHHHHHHHH! Well I KNEW what happened to it, in the mist of the commotion with Jack, Barrett the watermelon snatcher picked it!! I was so mad at him. The poor little watermelon had a long way to grow and Barrett snuffed it's chances out! We apologized. I really don't think Barrett thought he was doing anything wrong, but I could be wrong. HA!

Jack's poor little ear!

My boys!!

I think it's going to be a long HOT summer!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dragons T-ball Party!

Friday was a crazy day! I was running around like a mad woman trying to get the house ready for the t-ball party. Jack decided to start the morning off with yet another mess!!

Mims and Shi Shi came over for lunch. Jack is so funny, Mary Michael was eating some lunch in his chair and he was trying his hardest to climb up there with her! He was like, hey this is my chair lady!

I was a terrible planner on Friday. I decided to wait until the day of to do EVERYTHING for the party, plus I decided to move furniture and clean out my closet?!?! I have NO clue what I was thinking!! I was cleaning and got so busy with the house, I looked at the clock and it was 5:00!! The party started at 6:00 and some of the Mom's were coming over early to help. At this point I hadn't started cooking OR taken a shower and gotten ready!! Ryan walks in at this time and says "You better get ready." I'm like are you kidding me, I know!!!!! I was so scatter brained this was by far the most unorganized I have ever been for a party! One MAJOR problem my Mom wasn't here to help me, HA!!

Luckily the Mom's that were coming early were late too, so I took a shower and then rushed to get everything ready!! NOTHING was set up as I would have liked it, but when you have no time and have to let your husband take over, what can you really expect!!

In the end it was fine! The boys had fun and I don't think anyone but me cared how everything looked!!

Ryan was the grill master and cooked hot dogs for the boys and fajitas for the parents.

Tracey, one the other Mom's makes cakes and she did this FABULOUS cake!! It looks just like their hats. She is amazing!! I told her I am going to come observe her and take lessons!!

The boys got their trophy's and most important candy! I think they all had a blast! I KNOW this little man did! He was one sweaty, tired little boy!! He did tell me that he wants us to have the party every year!!

Party Preperations

On Thursday after my workout, the boys and I headed to Sam's for a few party supplies. Barrett had been looking forward to Friday ALL week, because yesterday was his end of season T ball party at our house! We had to get some food and drinks for the party, since I was at Sam's I called Ryan to see if the dealerships needed anything. Of course they did, so we had a VERY full buggy! Barrett kept saying "Mom this buggy is going to break, I think we need a flatbed!" I explained that there was nowhere for Jack to sit on a flatbed and that wasn't feasible. I somehow fit a ton of things in 1 buggy, but at the checkout the cashier said "Mam, you are going to need a flatbed." Well fine!! Barrett got his way after all! Here is our flatbed full of goods, imagine a 5 year old riding on this and me pushing it while holding a 25 pound baby! It was a sight, HA!!

While we were at Sam's I found the cutest swimsuits for the boys.....and they were super inexpensive!!

The boys decided to help me clean when we got home, Jack loves the vacuum thing and Barrett loves to take it away from him!

After a day of hard work, nothing beats the sprinklers and a Popsicle! Barrett and the DeWolfe girls had a ball on the trampoline with the sprinklers on!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Splash Kingdom

Today we decided to go Splash Kingdom! We had been there last year, but Jack was not to into it. I thought he would have much more fun now that he can play in the water too!! We loaded up early, if you want an umbrella with shade you have to get there early!! Luckily we were second in the season pass line and got right in when they opened, I got my umbrella and shade!!

Jack just wants to bail into the water, he has no fear! Frankly it scares me a little!! Barrett played on the slides until he decided he was ready for the lazy river. Last year he didn't really care for it, but today I couldn't get him out of there. Jack liked it too!!

The boys were hungry so we had pizza and icee's the lunch that makes every mother proud...HA!!

After lunch Barrett was ready to try the "BIG" slide. Last year he was not tall enough to ride, but this year he was READY!! He climbed up to the top while Jack and I waited at the bottom. It was taking awhile for him to go, I thought he might be coming down but all the sudden, here he came!!!! He jumped up and said I didn't like that!! He told me the lady made him lay down, cross his legs, and put his arms on his chest. He said he wanted to sit up! I explained that you have to lay down to ride that slide he said, "well Mom I did it, and I'm done with that one!" HA!!

The boys were worn out and we headed home, but not before stopping for this......

The Fried Pie place is right on the way home, how could I resist? Look at these boys, they were asleep as soon as we got in the car!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Barrett Lost his First Tooth!!

I knew it was going to happen while we were in Mexico, B's little tooth was hanging by a thread before we left. Sure enough, I called one day to check in and he got and the phone and said "Guess What!! My tooth is gone!" I was a little sad that I wasn't there for his first tooth, but I should have known! Barrett was almost nine months old the first time we left him for a trip. We went to Maui and left our baby for 8 days!! It was so hard!! What did he do for the first time while we were gone...CRAWL!! Oh yeah, so with B I have come to expect that if we leave he will do something or have a first of some sort!! I got this text from them!

The tooth fairy came to see him and was VERY generous with his reward!! He is so cute with his missing tooth, and I hate that I missed it!! My Dad said "Oh it's okay Kelly, there are many more to come!"

Friday Fun!

Wow, it has been really hard for me to get back into the swing of things around here! I am still in vacay/recovery mode. I got a cold the day before we returned home from Mexico, and it is kicking my hiney!!! I hate summer colds, Jack of course got it and we can't get over it!! Anyhoo!

On Friday we headed to Tyler to make a Target run, I had been having withdrawals it had been so long! HA!! We came home and the boys really wanted to play outside, I was not feeling so good and I the thought of the HUMIDITY was making me feel worse. Luckily my generous neighbor had called and said they were out of town and we could use the pool anytime while they were gone. PERFECT!! So the boys and I took advantage of the sunshine and went for a swim!!

We had fun, but the water was FR-eezing!!! So it was a short swim! Barrett was so looking forward to Friday night because he got to go to the Rodeo with his Daddy! The dealerships were sponsoring a Rodeo in Winnsboro, Barrett got all "cowboy ready"!!

He had a blast at the rodeo. Ryan called me and told me that Barrett almost did the calf scramble! I was shocked, my little shy man NEVER does stuff like that! Ryan said he ran out there when they called for all the kids, but when he got there they had already shut the gate, so of course he was to shy to ask if he could still do it! Progress people! I'm secretly glad he didn't do it, my sweet boy chasing after calf's is not at the top of my list!! HA!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome back to reality!

Hello...We are home from beautiful Zihuatinejo!! We had a fabulous time!!! I have been a sooooo upset today. I was about to start editing my Mexico photos and when I put my SD card in my computer it said it need to be formatted. I knew this was bad, if I reformatted it it would erase all my pictures!! I tried everything but nothing worked!! Ryan is taking it to work tomorrow to have one of the guys look at it. Hopefully he can save my pictures!!!

Today we did laundry, swept, mopped, vacuumed, and watched it rain....alot!! Tyler got almost 9" today alone!!! CRAZY!! This little man just had to get out and play in the rain and MUD!!

Jack really wanted to go play outside too, but I really wasn't in the mood to mop twice in one day!!

Oh these boys!! We so missed them while we were gone. Just a little while ago while we were eating dinner, Barrett said to Ryan. "So Daddy you were born from Nana?" He said yes Buddy, who were you "born from"? Barrett said, "from that lady in there." REALLY?!?! That lady in there?

I have many stories and HOPEFULLY pictures from the trip and the boys week at Big B and SuSu's to come soon!!! Off to watch the Housewives Reunion, you see where my priorities are.... HA!!!!