Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010

On Thursday night, after B's ball game was cancel we made our trek down to the coast for Memorial Weekend. It was a long trip and it was late. The boys usually sleep on the drive down, but for whatever reason they didn't this time. I happen to think it's because we drove a jeep and not my car, but who knows...it was a long drive! When we were almost to the beach we were on a two lane road and we saw some eyes glowing in the road ahead. We drove passed and I was like "WAIT, that was and alligator!" I asked Ryan to turn around and sure enough there it was in the road.

Me thinking that I am the female crocodile hunter, decided to get out and take a picture. Which sent Barrett into a frenzy because he thought it would get me and then Jack started crying. So needless to say my encounter with the animal was short, but I did get my picture!!

We finally arrived at the beach house and got the kiddos settled down and in bed, but a couple hours later poor Jack was up sick. I don't know what was wrong, to much food to late is my guess!?! So a long night only got longer and worse!! I was sure hoping that better days were ahead!

The next morning was better and it was a beautiful day at the beach!!

I guess because he wasn't feeling himself, Jack was not so much into the beach the first few days. He didn't want to be in the sand or the water. He eventually either started feeling better or just got use to it! HA!

Mary Michael on the other hand loved it!!! She was dirty from head to toe, hilarious!!

This man has always been a beach bum! He loves everything about the beach the shells, catching crabs, and surfing!!

Of course at the beach house there is always work to be done. Jack and Mims decided to help Ryan fix the disposal!

He are the boys at the "Singaree" one of our favorite the ONLY restaurants open at the beach, Ha!! Just kidding we do love it, especially the boys! It sits on the bayside and the boys love watching all the ships and boats come by.

My sweet Jack! He looks terrible, the mosquito's must REALLY love him! It looks like we made him sleep outside. He takes after his Mommy, because the bugs love me too!! I guess it's because we are so sweet!!

Big B and Ryan are professionals when it comes to loading all the beach gear on the golf cart! I mean when we go down to the beach we go ALL out!!

Jack finally started to enjoy the beach! Here he is floating out in the water on a float he fell asleep out there!

Ryan brought out the "Super Mabel" for all the kiddos. We use to pull this behind the boat, now all the kids pile one it and he pulls them out into the waves. They had a blast, it's like a little island for them. The stingrays were out like crazy this trip. We have never really seen them up close to the shore, but for some reason they were out this time. I was out with B while he was floating in a tube and one swam right under him!!

On Sunday some of our friends got into town and came over to visit. Here are Barrett and Elliot. Elliot's Mom Jennifer, said look Elliot is on her first car date!! How cute are they!!

It was a wonderful weekend!! We had a fabulous time. I came home with two blonde, brown little boys!!

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