Monday, June 14, 2010

Splash Kingdom

Today we decided to go Splash Kingdom! We had been there last year, but Jack was not to into it. I thought he would have much more fun now that he can play in the water too!! We loaded up early, if you want an umbrella with shade you have to get there early!! Luckily we were second in the season pass line and got right in when they opened, I got my umbrella and shade!!

Jack just wants to bail into the water, he has no fear! Frankly it scares me a little!! Barrett played on the slides until he decided he was ready for the lazy river. Last year he didn't really care for it, but today I couldn't get him out of there. Jack liked it too!!

The boys were hungry so we had pizza and icee's the lunch that makes every mother proud...HA!!

After lunch Barrett was ready to try the "BIG" slide. Last year he was not tall enough to ride, but this year he was READY!! He climbed up to the top while Jack and I waited at the bottom. It was taking awhile for him to go, I thought he might be coming down but all the sudden, here he came!!!! He jumped up and said I didn't like that!! He told me the lady made him lay down, cross his legs, and put his arms on his chest. He said he wanted to sit up! I explained that you have to lay down to ride that slide he said, "well Mom I did it, and I'm done with that one!" HA!!

The boys were worn out and we headed home, but not before stopping for this......

The Fried Pie place is right on the way home, how could I resist? Look at these boys, they were asleep as soon as we got in the car!!

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