Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome back to reality!

Hello...We are home from beautiful Zihuatinejo!! We had a fabulous time!!! I have been a sooooo upset today. I was about to start editing my Mexico photos and when I put my SD card in my computer it said it need to be formatted. I knew this was bad, if I reformatted it it would erase all my pictures!! I tried everything but nothing worked!! Ryan is taking it to work tomorrow to have one of the guys look at it. Hopefully he can save my pictures!!!

Today we did laundry, swept, mopped, vacuumed, and watched it rain....alot!! Tyler got almost 9" today alone!!! CRAZY!! This little man just had to get out and play in the rain and MUD!!

Jack really wanted to go play outside too, but I really wasn't in the mood to mop twice in one day!!

Oh these boys!! We so missed them while we were gone. Just a little while ago while we were eating dinner, Barrett said to Ryan. "So Daddy you were born from Nana?" He said yes Buddy, who were you "born from"? Barrett said, "from that lady in there." REALLY?!?! That lady in there?

I have many stories and HOPEFULLY pictures from the trip and the boys week at Big B and SuSu's to come soon!!! Off to watch the Housewives Reunion, you see where my priorities are.... HA!!!!

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  1. i saw patti's pictures. must say, i love me some kb with curly/wavy hair! :)