Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stings and the Watermelon Snatcher

Today SuSu and Big B were in town and the girls and my two boys headed to Tyler for lunch. Since it wasn't quite lunch yet, I pulled into a store to kill some time. While getting out Barrett says Mom I don't have shoes! I said Barrett I told you to grab your flops before we left!! He looks at me and says "SORRY, I forgot." ARgggg!! Let's just be glad I made a stop to waste time, I'm pretty sure the restaurant has a no shoes policy! Nobody wanted to make the lunch decision so Barrett decided he would. It never fails if my Mom is eating with us Barrett ALWAYS wants to go to Clear Springs, it is so funny. He ONLY mentions it when she is eating with us??

After lunch we headed home for naps. I needed a break from the HEAT, it is so terrible already!! I can walk outside for 5 seconds and be sweating. It really makes me want to keep my workout clothes on all day!

After Jack's nap the boys wanted to go outside, being that it was a million degrees I suggested a Ranger ride. They agreed and we headed down the road to Shi Shi's house. While at Christie's house we went out to see her garden. Barrett, Christie, Mims and I were all admiring the garden, while Jack was walking around. All the sudden I hear Jack screaming crying holding his ear. I though I saw him swatting at something. I looked in his ear and he had been stung inside the ear, by who knows what! I felt so bad. Christie made a paste that we put on and it seemed to help ease the pain. After Jack settled down I decided we should head home. Christie was walking us out and she says, "Oh what happened to my little watermelon?!" AHHHHHHHHHH! Well I KNEW what happened to it, in the mist of the commotion with Jack, Barrett the watermelon snatcher picked it!! I was so mad at him. The poor little watermelon had a long way to grow and Barrett snuffed it's chances out! We apologized. I really don't think Barrett thought he was doing anything wrong, but I could be wrong. HA!

Jack's poor little ear!

My boys!!

I think it's going to be a long HOT summer!

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