Monday, June 29, 2009

Splash Parks, Manual Labor and A Special Treat!!

So this is going to be a big wrap up post for a few days. I have been so tired at night after the kids go down, and since that is blogging time, I haven't posted lately. On Friday, Leeanne H., Christie, Mims, Barrett, Jack and I all headed to Splash Kingdom in Canton. I had never been there and I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure if it would be a "wannabe water park", but much to my surprise it was wonderful! Barrett loved it! It was sooo hot and I was Melllting! Oh the things you do for your kids. And poor Leeanne, she was so sweet to come with us; she helped me out a ton!!

As you can tell the little ones really didn't care where we were as long as they could rest. Pardon my child in only a swim diaper. He really had a cute swim suit on but I had just changed him. Bad Mommy. Note to self: I thought I was doing a good deed by renting a Cabana so the babies would have shade. I told the clerk I wanted a cabana by the kiddie area so I could watch Barrett. She told me that is where they were, all was well. Until.... What..... The Cabana's were behind everything at the back of the park. I was really upset I could have saved my sixty bucks and just parked under the umbrellas for alot cheaper. Now I know.

In other happenings my child loves to work outside. Literally I have never seen another child like him. He wakes up and comes out of his room fully dressed, ready to work. I thought I would note this so that when he is an unruly teenager and I can't even get him to mow the yard, I will have proof. There was a time when I couldn't keep him inside. He cries if it's raining and I won't let him go out. His only complaint is recently, "Mom I am sweating bullets!" Don't worry that doesn't stop him. He are a few shots of my Working Man!

Kelly from Kelly's Korner Blog recently posted about some wonderful Cinnamon Rolls she had from the Pioneer Woman. Kelly had a link to the recipe so I thought I would make them. Well let me start off by saying homemade cinnamon rolls are an undertaking. But they were well worth the effort. It may have taken a day and a half, but I'm sure the neighborhood was grateful. The recipe makes a ton so I took a few pans to the neighbors. You can check out the recipe at the Pioneer Woman Cooks blog.

Warning: If you choose to make these Cinnamon Rolls be ready to give them away, because if you don't.... I won't be held responsible for the extra pounds! They are heaven, Melt in your mouth. I should send this recipe in to Paula Deen with all the butter these have. Enjoy!!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me to a Tee!!

I had to post these pics of Barrett in his "Me to a Tee Shirt"!! How cute is this? I got the shirt from em tanner. ( She has such cute stuff. So you can pick the hair style, eye color, everything. I just love it. I also gave one as a gift, and it turned out so cute also. Love, Love, Love her website!

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Father's Day Weekend!

Okay, I have been a bad blogger. I know I have been away for awhile. We spent Father's Day Weekend at the beach. It was so much fun! This was Ryan's first fathers day as a Daddy of two.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

What beach trip is complete without the Stingaree? I mean it's practically a Crystal Beach icon. Well and who am I kidding it's about the only restaurant left. This was Jack's first time there. Barrett was very impressed with all of the improvements post Ike. "This is alot more nice." Well okay B-doodle if you think so. He found it fascinating that there were actually crabs in the crab tanks. My Mom gave Jack the famous toast at dinner and said "he can't bite this off." Well he did, and after a big scare and me digging the small piece out of his throat all was well. That is until Jack pulled my Stingarita right into my lap! Oh the joys of dinner out with kids.

Here is the family, well some of the family. Ryan and Cragg (brother in law) had not arrived yet. Some one has to stay home and work so we can take long weekends and eat out. Barrett would not cooperate. And there was nobody around to take it for us, always the case!!

On Friday the girls and one little man headed to Galveston for dinner. We tried out a new restaurant called Olympia on Pier 21. It is Greek and seafood. We enjoyed it, very cute place!

The beach was great. Barrett and his Dad go shell hunting every morning. He loves it. But lately he has passed on the shells and started hunting fishing lures. He has found a ton, I guess this means we will now have to fish. Oh well I already hunt, what is a little fishing going to hurt. Sigh......

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Rodeo, Teething and Timeouts

The big boys spent most of their time at the rodeo this weekend, we sponsored another rodeo and they had to "supervise". Ryan tried to talk Jackaroo and I into coming, but Jack didn't care to much for the attire.

Barrett, however loves to go anywhere his Daddy goes. He really doesn't care for the rodeo either, but never misses a chance to go with his dad and eat cotton candy. Ryan made the mistake of telling Barrett that he was going to go, that morning. So all day Friday Barrett insisted on wearing his boots, jeans and belt until that evening. If I heard "when is Daddy coming home?" one more time, I was going to scream. I love the fact that Ryan loves to get him all excited about things and then leaves and goes to work. Leaving me with the joy of telling him, " Remember Barrett it's not until tonight!" I had to include a pic of my little cowboy, all dressed up!

In other news Jackaroo has two teeth on the bottom. I am hoping that is the cause for my seven almost eight month old still not sleeping through the night!! :( I thought this picture was so cute you can see both of the little teeth coming through!

Lastly, today Barrett unfortunately had to be sent to time out....again. So he was throwing excuses at me like "I can't go I need to potty, and No I'm tired!" I was not having any excuses today so, off to the laundry room he went for said time out. I usually turn the timer on for four minutes, but I was in the middle of nursing and told him I would call him when time was up. So about ten I mean five minutes go by and I yell that he can come out and I hear nothing. So I put the baby down and went to go check on him. I found the door still closed and when I opened it up.......

...... this is what I found! Oh yeah, just call me Super Mom. The poor child was tired, it wasn't an excuse. And in case your wondering if I left him there to sleep? I most certainly did not!!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bathrooms: Show Us Where You Live Fridays

Welcome to another edition of Show Us Where You Live Friday from Kelly's Korner Blog.
This week is bathrooms, so let me start off with telling you my bathrooms aren't all that fun. I feel those are rooms in my house that are neglected the most, but here they are!

This is our half bathroom just off the kitchen. I love the faux finished walls that this bathroom has. It is very tiny, but I guess it serves it's purpose.

The boy's bath room is done in a Frog Prince theme. I think that the rug in their bathroom makes the room. I really need to do more in here, but I was just waiting for my second child to see if we were staying with a frog theme or not. Turns out we are, I just haven't had time to paint or anything.

Okay, I really don't like wallpaper. When we bought our house the builder just finished putting up the wallpaper in the master bath, and I was thinking "why"? But I love everything else about the house so that didn't stop us. It's really not my taste, but we are working with it and hopefully soon I can do something about it, like rip it down and redo. My son was in the my bathtub recently and some of the paper was raising from the wall a bit. He then proceeds to rip a big piece off and I was thinking to myself, "good job, gives me the excuse to redo"!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks for stopping by! Head over to Kelly's Korner for more bathroom tours!!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty Boy

Is this the face of a little girl? I think not, although it is a pretty face indeed. Today while at B-Doodle's swimming lessons one of his swim teachers came over to Jack while in his stroller. "Oh she is so cute!" I'm thinking to myself did she just say "She"? I just smiled and said thank you. Then I hear, "What is her name?" Me, "Well, his name is Jack and he is a boy." She was so embarrassed she told me that he was to pretty to be a boy. "Yeah, I get that alot!" It never ceases to amaze me how many times my boys have been mistaken for girls. Let me just clear it up by saying if I had a girl you would know it because you would see the bow in her head coming before you saw her. LOL! I know she felt bad, but it really doesn't bother me because they are beautiful boys. I just thought I would share our little mix-up, because it was too funny!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pool Days

We spent the weekend in Lufkin with my parents and had a great time, as usual. My main reason for going was so that Barrett could swim. We had swimming lessons all week and I wanted him to have some more practice. And we did get some, he swam so well. He usually wants his floaties on but he just floated on a noodle, jumped off the sides, and didn't even mention the floaties. Huge progress!

Jack even joined in on the pool fun. I was so worried about Barrett and his swimming. When we first went to swimming lessons he through a fit and didn't want to do it. But we eased him into it and finally he would do the lessons. Each day he gets more and more adventurous. For all my worry and stress, this weekend he didn't want to get out of the pool. Go figure. I swear with kids it is just one extreme or the other.

Barrett also decide to pick all of my Mom's flowers and give them to us. Here is little Jack in his flower. I know, I shouldn't have put it behind his ear, I couldn't help it he is so beautiful. He can be mad at me for this later, I give him full permission!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show us Where You Live Friday- The Office

Welcome to our office! There really isn't much work that goes on in this room just alot of Internet shopping and some blogging! Our office is the designated deer room. This means I actually let my Husband put anything animal related that he likes. Well okay not anything but, he has a few mounts, hide pillows, antler lamps, etc. Here is the home office.

The office looks out into the Living Room and Dining Room. I love this mirror so I had to show a pic of it.

I love this little chair. I was leaving Hobby Lobby one day and couldn't pass it up, I didn't really have a place for it, but I was going to find one. I think it is so cute! Also that isn't Bambi's hide in the chair, it is from an Axis deer.

I thought I would show you guys the top of my desk. As you can see Barrett decided to use it as paper. He stamped it with my return address stamp and then colored it with a green sharpie. Oh well I guess if it ever gets lost they will know where to return it!

And in closing I thought I would show you the seat I do most of my blogging from. Lola decided she wanted to make her appearance tonight. Isn't she a doll!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blueberry Picking and Cracker Barrel

Today Christie and I took the kids or should I say Barrett, blueberry picking. We went to the Tyler Berry Farm in hopes to get some blueberries and blackberries. We had never been there and didn't know what to expect, but it was fun. As is turned out the blackberries were not ready yet, but we got some wonderful blueberries.

Here are all the little berry pickers ready to work! Barrett absolutely loved this anything that involves outside and working, he is in! Love the work ethic, he must have picked that up from me!! Ha Ha:)

We were planning on having a little breakfast picnic under the trees with blueberry muffins, but they didn't have any muffins. Christie suggested the next best thing. After a morning on the farm what's better than a country breakfast at Cracker Barrel?

So here are my cute little men eating their working man's breakfast at the Cracker Barrel! Barrett was so ready to get home and make some "blueberry biscuits"! Muffins, Barrett, Blueberry Muffins!

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