Friday, June 12, 2009

Bathrooms: Show Us Where You Live Fridays

Welcome to another edition of Show Us Where You Live Friday from Kelly's Korner Blog.
This week is bathrooms, so let me start off with telling you my bathrooms aren't all that fun. I feel those are rooms in my house that are neglected the most, but here they are!

This is our half bathroom just off the kitchen. I love the faux finished walls that this bathroom has. It is very tiny, but I guess it serves it's purpose.

The boy's bath room is done in a Frog Prince theme. I think that the rug in their bathroom makes the room. I really need to do more in here, but I was just waiting for my second child to see if we were staying with a frog theme or not. Turns out we are, I just haven't had time to paint or anything.

Okay, I really don't like wallpaper. When we bought our house the builder just finished putting up the wallpaper in the master bath, and I was thinking "why"? But I love everything else about the house so that didn't stop us. It's really not my taste, but we are working with it and hopefully soon I can do something about it, like rip it down and redo. My son was in the my bathtub recently and some of the paper was raising from the wall a bit. He then proceeds to rip a big piece off and I was thinking to myself, "good job, gives me the excuse to redo"!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks for stopping by! Head over to Kelly's Korner for more bathroom tours!!

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  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUR BATHROOMS! Esp the paint in your half bath - it's beautiful and I love your Master Bath - it's my dream!

  2. I love your bathrooms!! You have such great taste and decorate beautifully! THese rooms are so pretty!

  3. Your bathrooms are so inviting. I love the stool in your master bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your bathrooms are beautiful! Love the decor!!

  5. Love those bathrooms!! You've got such great style and the rooms are amazing!!

  6. What a cute theme?! Frog Prince! I have a 4 month old boy and am just getting into that there can be cute things for little boys:-) Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the rug. It does make the bathroom. Your master bath is also very nice, I love all the cabinets. You have a great layout.