Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweetheart Ball

Barrett's school has a Sweetheart Ball each year where the Boys take their Mom's and the Girls take their Dad's. Last night was our special date!!

Before the dance we met some friends at Chili's for dinner!

Ashley, Abram, Barrett & I arriving at the dance.

Having some cookies and Lemonade

These boys were just cracking me up!! They had been practicing all these dances at school! SO funny!!

YouTube Video

We had a great time and saw some pretty interesting outfits..haha!!!

Breakin' it down!!

I loved spending time with my sweet boy!! As we were leaving I threw him the keys and told him he had to drive his date home, he said " I can't, but I will!". Love my sweet boy!!

When we got home I found him doing some more dancing "Risky Business" style!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 13th Karah!!

Friday night, we joined the Nance family and 13 girls to celebrate Karah's 13th birthday!!

How cute is this cake!!

These girls were so cute!! I had a great time with them, I need a girl fix every once in a while!!

Barrett had a blast with the girls, I think he REALLY enjoyed being the only boy! HA!! Maybe a little to much!

The brave Mom and I!!

Thanks for having us Nance Family!!! Happy Birthday Karah!!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Everything Thursday!!

Tonight my table from our Moms 2 Mom group, met for our celebrate everything night!! Our mentor Mrs.Shirley, threw a great party at Posado's.

She had decorations for every holiday and we celebrated everyone's birthdays too!!

Our table, {Jennifer's Juicy Apples}

Sweet Shirley!!

My Girls!!!

Calendar girls!! Miss September, October, & November!!

It was a great night of fellowship and fun!!!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I caught my innocent little boy like this last night.

When I asked him what he was doing, he replied "just don't worry about me Mom!"

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jack's Black Eye

Friday morning when I got my little sweet pea out of his crib, I noticed his eye looked bruised. I took him in the kitchen to get a better loon and yes, he had a black eye?!?!

I mean, REALLY?!? How does this happen??

The only thing I can think of is that he must have hit it on his crib. It is an iron crib, so that is clearly possible. I felt just terrible!!

Poor little man!! Of course this happens the day before pictures! Ha!!

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Mini Haul Thursday

On Thursday my friend Ashley and I headed to Tyler for some shopping and lunch. I mentioned that I have been watching a girl on You Tube that does hair and make up lessons. Well, she also recommends and reviews hair and make up products. I needed some new shampoo; so I decided to get the products that she uses.

When "LolaMarie" shops she calls it a haul, so I guess this was a mini "haul"!! Ha!! I got a few make up products as well, I didn't get a picture them. I will post later on my reviews.

We looked for outfits for the boys Sweetheart Ball at school, with no luck. Jack did have a blast with the "puppy" at Old Navy!

We made a few returns and then had lunch at McAllister's. It was SO crowded as usual!!

After school, Ashley called and asked if I would come help her get started on eBay. The boys had a blast playing with her boys, Abram and Asher!!

It was a great day!!

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New Wheels Wednesday

On Wednesday my Moms 2 Mom group was cut short when Jack got sick : (. As we were leaving Ryan called and said that my new car was in at the dealership.

Since I saw it at the Dodge meeting in December, I have been waiting for the new 2011 Durango to arrive!!

Jack and I headed up to see it! I have been driving Expeditions for a while. Since we sell both Ford and Dodge, I decided to try something new.

Here it is!!

I love the new look of the Durango, it is super nice!!

The boys like it too!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Tube Tuesday

Today after my workout, I was reading twitter when I saw a post about Lola Marie7. This girl who does you tube tutorials on hair & makeup. She is just FABulous!! I will be cutting my bangs ASAP!! Hopefully I will be able to put her makeup tips to use also!! I may or may not have spent all afternoon watching her videos.

This afternoon Jack was {playing} in his room, or so I thought.

He came in to show me this, Cortisone cream EVERYWHERE!!

When I checked his room, I found this......

Just another day in paradise around here!! HA!!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Monday!

Today we woke up to crazy kiddos!! They were all so excited to be together!! Christie and I were talking and Barrett ran in and said, "the babies are in the bathtub with bubbles everywhere!!!" We were skeptical, B has the tendency to over exaggerate! Ha!!

We walked in to find this....

Well he wasn't exaggerating today!! Oh Joy!!

We had lunch at one of our favs, the Potpourri House. Barrett was busy explaining to SuSu about MLK day. He told her that MLK was a nice man who got shot for trying to help people. He said that when Dr.King was little he said he was going to turn the world upside down, and he wanted everyone to be nice to each other. So cute!!

We said our goodbyes to Shi Shi and Mimsy and then we cried drove home.

I found the boys the cutest Valentine's shirts today! They are from EM Tanner one of my favorite tshirt designers!!

Yes, I am a seasonal clothing junkie, Ha!!

Sunday that felt like Saturday

On Sunday we had a house full of visitors! We had my parents, ShiShi and Mims, & Pawpaw, Kolby and his friend Jennifer. It was so nice to see everybody!! We decided to go to Moore's Store for lunch, one of my new favs.

Silly boys!!

The rain just kept coming, I had a leak right over my head during lunch! HA!!

The boys were so excited to have Mims visiting...we have missed her!!

Jack sneaking into Mims crib!

Barrett having fun in Mims clips!!

Rub a dub dub, three kids in the tub!! They were screaming and splashing like crazy!!

Christie and I were craving these brownies I had read about on twitter. My sweet hubby ran to the store to get the ingredients.

In my haste to get them out of the oven, I dropped the pan!!!! Ahhhhh! Luckily we manage to salvage half the pan! They were Symphony Brownies and they were SO Yummy!!

We watched the Golden Globes and Christie and I's favorite show Big Love which started back last night! It was a great evening with my sister!! I so miss her not being here with me!!!

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Rainy Saturday!!

On Saturday we met Big B & SuSu at Petty's for breakfast.

Daddy with his boys!!

Look how cute Jack's pancake was!!

The big boys headed to Rough Creek and Mom, Jack & I headed to Tyler. Y'all I am not going to lie, I am SICK of this rain!!!! It rained all day on Saturday and has just been so gloomy here lately!! I need Vitamin D STAT!!!

That evening we headed back to Tyler for dinner with the Reeds at Yamamoto! So Yummy!!

Barrett & Cole

Carley & Jack spearing goldfish with chopsticks!!

Jack was not a fan of the flaming fire, HA!!

It was a great evening with great friends!!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Date Night

On Friday my parents came up for a visit, and Ryan took full advantage of our babysitters to
have a date night!

We have been dying to see Country Strong!! I have been listening to the soundtrack for over a week and couldn't wait to go!! The movie was really good, music even better!! In the movie Gwyneth Paltrow, "Kelly Canter" wears these bracelets that I loved!!

They are Shamballa Bracelets. I looked them up when I got home and yes, that price tag says $13K!!!!

Craziness!! It just so happens that I have some that are pretty similar, minus the price tag.

Pretty fun! Now please excuse me while I go practice my songs.. HA!!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!!


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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Sunday!!!

The boys were up bright and early on Sunday because we were expecting snow!!! Barrett was quite disappointed when he got up and there wasn't any...yet. It started out a dreary rainy Sunday, but soon enough the rain turned to sleet and then SNOW!!!!

We came in and out and changed clothes SO many times yesterday!! I don't know how people that have snow on a regular basis deal....I need some of their patience. HA!! I like snow, but only for like 10 minutes and then I'm DONE!!

Pure JOY!!!

It's really coming down!!!!!


Sweet Boys!!

It was a COLD fun day!!! My poor husband was driving in all of this mess, on his way home from his hunt in Colorado!! He made it home late last night! YEA!!