Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Monday!

Today we woke up to crazy kiddos!! They were all so excited to be together!! Christie and I were talking and Barrett ran in and said, "the babies are in the bathtub with bubbles everywhere!!!" We were skeptical, B has the tendency to over exaggerate! Ha!!

We walked in to find this....

Well he wasn't exaggerating today!! Oh Joy!!

We had lunch at one of our favs, the Potpourri House. Barrett was busy explaining to SuSu about MLK day. He told her that MLK was a nice man who got shot for trying to help people. He said that when Dr.King was little he said he was going to turn the world upside down, and he wanted everyone to be nice to each other. So cute!!

We said our goodbyes to Shi Shi and Mimsy and then we cried drove home.

I found the boys the cutest Valentine's shirts today! They are from EM Tanner one of my favorite tshirt designers!!

Yes, I am a seasonal clothing junkie, Ha!!

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