Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My 100 pounds....GONE!!!

WOW!! Today is a day that I will NEVER forget!! Today my scale reads exactly 100 pounds less than is did 4 1/2 years ago. Ok, I'll start by saying YES, 4 1/2 years is a REALLY long time, but there was a pregnancy in there too! HA!!

This is an extremely personal side of me that I haven't previously shared on the blog, but just to help anyone else out there stuggling, I decided to be completely honest. I think my weight gain started my junior year of College. I was in Dallas at UNT, away from my family and Ryan and pretty much unhappy. I let my eating get out of control and didn't exercise AT all. Ryan and I were so happy together and I think I got to comfortable in our relationship. Meaning, I knew we were committed to each other and I knew we would get married. This SHOULD not be a good reason to let weight gain happen, I just think that is where my head was, in the clouds...not worried about it. I know this will sound so shallow to some, but I'm being honest here. Another thing that kept me oblivious to the weight was that my Dad and Ryan have both, ALWAYS told me how beautiful I was. I was never self conscious as a young girl and even at my heaviest I told myself "you may be heavy, but you have a pretty face". Wrong I know and no excuse, but I truly believe that having that in the back of my mind, somehow made me tolerate the weight for SO long. Luckily Ryan truly DID love me unconditionally!! I can NEVER, NEVER tell him how much that means to me! HE loves me for better or WORSE, REALLY!!

If you have never been heavy, I'm sure your thinking HOW in the HELL do you gain that much weight and not realize or CARE?!?! Being a person that did, it seems crazy but the answer is that it happens faster than you think, and almost unknowingly. I can gain 5-10 pounds in a few days if I don't REALLY watch my eating. So you gain 30, and think OK, Stop it. don't and then it's 50, 60, 70....and before I knew it I was Obese and shopping in stores that I had NEVER even HEARD of!! I was SOOOOO unhappy. I remember my wedding day being so self conscience and thinking I AM that FAT bride, that I swore I wouldn't be. Don't get me wrong I was happy that I was marrying the LOVE of my life, but unhappy with my carelessness for my health and myself. When we got married Ryan and I made a major life change by moving to Mineola, where my Dad had two car dealerships. That was HUGE for us. Ryan and I had both always lived in Lufkin and we were newly married and moving to a place we knew NOBODY!!! We were happy in our first new home and getting settled in a new place, new jobs, BUT the weight KEPT coming. I LOVE to cook, it made me so happy to have a nice meal for my husband and so I cooked....A LOT!!!

I also ATE a lot!!! I have always been a snacker and I ate snacks ALL DAY and ate fast food. It was just OUT of Control!! I would start diets like Atkins, WW, etc. but NEVER stuck with them. I would start exercising and then quit after a week because it was hard, really hard when you are so over weight. When Ryan and I wanted to start a family I was so nervous about getting pregnant. I went to the doctor and he strongly advised my to lose weight BEFORE getting pregnant, but I have always been a get what I want NOW type of I did get pregnant, before I lost weight. Luckily even though I was so over weight I had an easy, safe pregnancy, but I did gain MORE weight. My life was just about perfect, EXCEPT my weight which continued to grow and make me UNHAPPY!!

Weight loss surgery was always something in the back of my head. I had been debating it for a while, but assumed that my parents and Ryan would not agree to it. It also made me extremely nervous because I had never been "put under" for surgery and now I had my son to think about. I truly knew that I needed help, I didn't think I could do it on my own and I knew it was time to CHANGE I wanted to be here to see my children grow up!!! Another surgery reason was that I had gained so much weight I had stopped ovulating and couldn't get pregnant again like I so desperately wanted. I approached Ryan and my parents about the surgery and they surprisingly both agreed and said what ever we need to do to help you, we will. This surgery was a BIG deal for Ryan and I not only was I worried about not coming out of it for Ryan and Barrett, but it was a big financial commitment for our family. I felt so bad for making Ryan spend the money on the surgery, because I couldn't lose the weight on my own. The night before the surgery I remember ALMOST backing out because I was SO scared. I didn't and I had the Lap Band Surgery in September of 07'. I realize that surgery is NOT for everyone, but for me it was absolutely the right decision. If you disagree please keep the comments to yourself, this is my story and if you don't like it, stop reading.

These pictures were taken a couple of days before my surgery.
Now comes the rest of the story.

After the surgery, that went great by the way. I initially lost 50 or so pounds really quick, like by December. In the meantime I had started ovulating again and surprisingly, I became pregnant, which happens alot after weight loss surgery. I immediately went to my doctor, because they do not recommend getting pregnant for a least a year after surgery. WHOOPS! That pregnancy unfortunately, was an ectopic pregnancy that didn't survive. I was very heart broken even though it was such a shock and unplanned. I soon realized how much I wanted to be pregnant and against the doctors advise, I became pregnant again. Like the next month. See, I told you I'm not the patient kind of girl! Thankfully I had another easy, safe pregnancy and I had my second beautiful boy, Jack!! After I had Jack I really got down to business. I wanted that 100 pounds gone! So, it was almost like starting over cause I had gained like 20 of the initial 50 back, so I had a ways to go!!

I really started exercising, 4-5 days a week. Body pump, zumba classes, and walking. Food is harder for me, and hard for me to share with you because I really can't eat. You might think, well then it should be easy for you to lose the weight, but not so much. While I was pregnant and nursing they had to remove the fluid from my band so that I could have enough calories to support the baby and ditto for nursing. When I finished nursing Jack at a year old, I never went back to have the lap band filled again. So technically I have the lap band on, but it is not filled so it doesn't restrict the size of my stomach as much as it would if it were filled. So I am somewhat doing it "on my own" so to speak. Don't get me wrong I cannot eat nearly like a normal person does, so it helps. It can also be a hindrance, because you cannot each much at a time and it seems like the healthy foods like salads, chicken, and veggies are hard to eat because if I don't chew them to mush I can't keep them down. TMI....sorry. Just being honest here!!

So to wrap this up, I have been working out REALLY hard and constantly. Last year I started with my personal trainer which I think really made a HUGE difference! I pretty much lost the weight by eating less and burning calories. I know that sounds so cliche and the same that everyone says, but it's the truth!! EAT LESS and BURN CALORIES and it will happen!! Not overnight, obviously, but you didn't gain it overnight either. This is just a short summary of my journey if you have any questions and would like to talk more, just email me, and I would be happy to talk to you personally!

OK, I won't tell you my actual weight, but this morning my scale confirmed my hard work by giving me that 100 pounds gone that I have been dying to see!!!!! I took these pics with my phone this morning after my walk, so excuse the HOT MESS that I am. I just couldn't wait to do this post!!
I still want to lose about 25 pounds. By NO means do I think I am a super skinny girl, I just wanted to be a healthy weight for myself! I know that these last 25 will be the hardest, but I'm committed to doing it. I am NOT the weight loss guru and know that some people will think that I took the easy way out. Let me just say NO weight loss is easy, no matter how you slice it!! I hope that if I can help just one person, then this post will serve it's purpose!! It has been a process, and it took some time, but the feeling I have today is SOOOOO worth it!! I'll let you know when I get the last 25 off, hopefully it won't take as long!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rough Creek Check

It's been a while since we have been out to Rough Creek with school, spring break, trips, etc. We had a TON of rain here yesterday and thought we would drive out this afternoon to check on RC.
I clearly was not dressed for the occasion...SHOCKER:)
The pond is filling up! Yeah!!! The water is the highest it has ever been!!
Still have a WAYS to go, but slow & steady wins the race.
Finally have water under the dock.
The boys were happy to be "home", ha!!

Flowers for mom, so sweet!

The place looks great! Rain does wonders it is so green & pretty!

Full Swing of things's Baseball season around here!! We have been in FULL SWING, Literally!!!
It is busy, busy and ALL things baseball!!!!
These boys love it......and well, I'm starting to! HA!!!

Lindale Baseball & Softball games

A few weeks ago Lindale High School Baseball and Softball season had the dedication of the new sports complex. The dealerships donated the new score boards for both of the fields, so we went to the dedications for both the softball and baseball games. The boys were excited to be at the games! (Sorry, blurry phone pics)
Sweet Jack! (you can't really tell but he has his baseball gloves in his back pockets) The child is literally obsessed with ALL things baseball. It is a struggle daily to get him to wear anything but baseball pants and cleats!!!
This is Ryan and Barrett as the were acknowledged on the field for the scoreboards. Barrett thought he was really something!
Longhorn and LoneStar were so proud to be a part of the new sports complex. It is so NICE!! I know all to soon it will be my boys playing on those fields!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend trip!

The last weekend in February we had just a few things going on. We decided to update our master bathroom. It had wallpaper when we bought the house, which I was not a fan of. Ryan and I were heading out of town for a little vacay. The day before we left the project began. It was quite messy when we left, I admit I was a little worried! Anna stayed in Lindale with the boys. This is our bathroom before we left!
Ryan and I headed to Dallas for a quick errand and some lunch. We next headed to Pearland for Kolby's baseball tournament. We arrived just in time for the game on Thursday night. Kolby played great, and the Panthers WON!

Friday, Anna sent me pictures of she and Jack having lunch with Barrett at school. Looks like they were having fun!
The boys love it when Anna keeps them. Barrett says she does "fun" things with them. I think he means all the thing he begs me to do, when I'm trying to wash, clean up, work out, cook, etc. HA!!
Meanwhile Ryan and I were enjoying our time in Houston with Teresa and Kolby. We shopped had lunch and watched some more baseball!
So nice to spend time with my wonderful husband!!
On Saturday Barrett had his last Upwards basketball game. Anna said he had so much fun and he was very proud of his trophy!
On Saturday afternoon Ryan and I left Pearland and headed to the beach house. We spent a couple of nights there and it was SO nice!! It was the first time we have been to the beach with out the boys in...well, EVER!!!
We had a GREAT mini vacay!! I finished the Hunger Games series while we were there which I absolutely loved!!! We came home to a finished bathroom that I love! (I'll have to post a pic later :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Rainy Work Day

A few weeks ago the boys were up early to work on the scoreboards at the ballpark. Of course the day that Ryan had scheduled to work and had everyone and equipment lined out, it was RAINING and cold!!!
It didn't stop my boys! Barrett all suited up and ready to work.
The child literally LOVES to do stuff like this. He definitely gets his work ethic from his Dad :)
While the boys were working a the ballpark, I received my precious door candy. How fitting is it?!?

Love my hardworking boys!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentines Day this year! I found this cute idea on Pintrest and decided to make these for the boys Valentines.

This is another idea from Pintrest....I made these for the boys teachers. So easy and different!

I woke the boys up early to see their Valentines gifts. Barrett got a wooden truck that he had to assemble himself.
Jack got a cute little log truck!
My sweet boys all ready for school!!

Cowboy Jack....always in his boots. The child literally CRIES if he cant wear his boots and hat. Cute now....but could be a problem later on, HA!!

Barrett's school party was right after his lunchtime, so I took him lunch and ate with him before the party. My baby boy, looking SO grown up!!
Party Time!! We kept is simple and had cupcakes and decorated cookies.
Opening up all his Valentines and goodies! YES....that would be a deerstand Valentine box. The kids each made their own box and this was his idea...obvi!!
After Barrett's party we headed down to Lufkin to watch Kolby at the Lufkin vs. Hudson baseball game. These boys LOVE watching their KoKo!!!

Uncle Kolby!!!

Lufkin WON! We then headed to a yummy Mexican dinner at one of our old haunts, Morales's!!

Jack had his party on the following Tuesday after Valentines so it didn't conflict with the other school parties. I was thankful....this way I was able to be at both! Here are Jack's Valentines.
Sweet kiddos enjoying some SUGAR!!

Happy Valentines Day!