Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentines Day this year! I found this cute idea on Pintrest and decided to make these for the boys Valentines.

This is another idea from Pintrest....I made these for the boys teachers. So easy and different!

I woke the boys up early to see their Valentines gifts. Barrett got a wooden truck that he had to assemble himself.
Jack got a cute little log truck!
My sweet boys all ready for school!!

Cowboy Jack....always in his boots. The child literally CRIES if he cant wear his boots and hat. Cute now....but could be a problem later on, HA!!

Barrett's school party was right after his lunchtime, so I took him lunch and ate with him before the party. My baby boy, looking SO grown up!!
Party Time!! We kept is simple and had cupcakes and decorated cookies.
Opening up all his Valentines and goodies! YES....that would be a deerstand Valentine box. The kids each made their own box and this was his idea...obvi!!
After Barrett's party we headed down to Lufkin to watch Kolby at the Lufkin vs. Hudson baseball game. These boys LOVE watching their KoKo!!!

Uncle Kolby!!!

Lufkin WON! We then headed to a yummy Mexican dinner at one of our old haunts, Morales's!!

Jack had his party on the following Tuesday after Valentines so it didn't conflict with the other school parties. I was thankful....this way I was able to be at both! Here are Jack's Valentines.
Sweet kiddos enjoying some SUGAR!!

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. LOVE those cute ideas! might just have to steal them! :)