Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend trip!

The last weekend in February we had just a few things going on. We decided to update our master bathroom. It had wallpaper when we bought the house, which I was not a fan of. Ryan and I were heading out of town for a little vacay. The day before we left the project began. It was quite messy when we left, I admit I was a little worried! Anna stayed in Lindale with the boys. This is our bathroom before we left!
Ryan and I headed to Dallas for a quick errand and some lunch. We next headed to Pearland for Kolby's baseball tournament. We arrived just in time for the game on Thursday night. Kolby played great, and the Panthers WON!

Friday, Anna sent me pictures of she and Jack having lunch with Barrett at school. Looks like they were having fun!
The boys love it when Anna keeps them. Barrett says she does "fun" things with them. I think he means all the thing he begs me to do, when I'm trying to wash, clean up, work out, cook, etc. HA!!
Meanwhile Ryan and I were enjoying our time in Houston with Teresa and Kolby. We shopped had lunch and watched some more baseball!
So nice to spend time with my wonderful husband!!
On Saturday Barrett had his last Upwards basketball game. Anna said he had so much fun and he was very proud of his trophy!
On Saturday afternoon Ryan and I left Pearland and headed to the beach house. We spent a couple of nights there and it was SO nice!! It was the first time we have been to the beach with out the boys in...well, EVER!!!
We had a GREAT mini vacay!! I finished the Hunger Games series while we were there which I absolutely loved!!! We came home to a finished bathroom that I love! (I'll have to post a pic later :)

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