Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Yes....another dead animal arrived at my door, compliments of my husband the hunter. Happy Wednesday y'all!!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Living the dream Friday!

On Friday Jack and I headed to Tyler to run some errands, & on our way there we got a call from my wonderful husband. He was at the auction in Fort Worth buying some cars. I could tell in voice something was going on...then he springs it on me!! I said "what are you doing babe, what have you done rather??". He said well, "I'm living my dream baby!!". I was like NO!!! I hope you didn't do what I think you did!! YES! yes, he did!!

We have had all kinds of trailers, but this motorhome has been a dream of his. I couldn't believe it, well I could, but MY WORD!!!

It is super fabulous, I told him if you think your putting me in a small trailer now, you are CRAZY!! Just kidding, maybe!?!?

I hope we have lots of fun family trips and memories in this big rig!! Ha!!!

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School Egg Hunts

On Thursday both boys had their Easter Egg Hunts at school. Jack's was first, he was so funny I dropped him off at school and had to run back to home to get the camera, went back in he was SO excited, like he hadn't seen me in ages!! LOVE that boy!!

Jack's class consists of 3 GIRLS and him!! The directors call him Jack and the Chicks!! I think he enjoys it!!

Ready to Hunt Eggs......I think?!

Off on his hunt!!

Okay, got some, I'm done can I eat the candy?

Here are "Jack and the Chicks"

Jack and his favorite chick Ms. Anna, his teacher/babysitter/my saving grace! HA!!

Next up was Barrett's school hunt, I had to go early to hide put the eggs out. Yes, I was THE only parent hiding eggs for our class, one word, SAD!!!! So I literally threw the egg out on the soccer field, there was no where to "hide" eggs. It was going to be a free for all!!

Here they come!! Ready to go, excited little people!!

My sweet boy!! He is getting to big, I can't believe he is almost finished with kindergarten!!

Such a FUN day with my boys!! I just love my life!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a low key, but fun Easter Sunday. Ryan's family was here and we enjoyed a day of food, family, and BOYS!!! All of the Hopson grand kids are boys!! It is never dull when we get together.

The Easter bunny came..............

and there were two excited little boys!

Barrett and Kolby dyed eggs, and managed not to make a huge mess : )

We had a great lunch and then Dori, Eric and their boys arrived for yet another egg hunt!

The Hunt begins!!

It was over pretty fast with 6 crazy boys running everywhere!! Then it was time for the pinata, which coincidentally didn't last long either, HA!!

We ended the afternoon with a baseball game! All of these boys LOVE baseball!!

It was a great Easter!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Drive one for your School

Yes....I am aware that it's May and I am JUST now doing my Easter posts. SLACKER!! Oh well, better late than never, right??

On the Saturday before Easter our Ford dealership was sponsoring an event at the school, "Drive one for your School". I was hosting a baby shower for a friend in Lufkin and I had to get up early to drive there. Luckily, Ryan's parents came down to help out with the boys!! Before the test drive event there was a big Easter egg hunt. I am so glad Uncle Kolby remembered to take my camera and take pics!!

The boys had a lot of fun!! Jack took off before the hunt started, no surprise there.

The Medder's family came out to hunt eggs with the boys and Ashley drove a mustang for the cause!

Barrett made Kolby take a pic of these "dealership eggs", HA!! He was super excited about them.

I hate that I missed the big egg hunt, but Leeanne had a wonderful shower!! It was such a quick trip to Lufkin. I literally got there, cooked my dishes, attended the shower, then drove back home in like record time. Once I got back to Lindale I had to go to the store to get ready for Easter Sunday!! Busy Day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First t-ball game of the season

Tuesday was the first t-ball game of the season....Go Longhorns!! The boys have been practicing hard and were so ready!! Kim and I the "team Moms" have been running around like crazy getting everything together. Pants, hats, socks, Mom shirts, etc. My brain has been going 90 to nothing, but I love every minute of it!!

I love the look on Jack's face, admiring his big brother. So Sweet!!

This little baseball boy was ready to play...which was a problem, because he couldn't! HA! During practice he gets to go on the field, have a bat, and helmet. Not during the game Buddy. I was anticipating problems ;)

He had a few outbursts, but luckily Big B and SuSu kept him occupied!! My Mom made the comment, "Kelly I don't know how you do this". I know she was thinking how are you gonna handle all this when we aren't here, and to be honest, I'm not sure!!

Here are the Longhorns ready to PLAY BALL!! Silly boys for sure.

Okay so this pic is for the Bunt family who are DIE HARD Aggies and are on the Longhorns!! I told the boys to hold up their horns, and told Cullen their son to turn his upside down. So funny!!

Barrett had a double, and a couple of other great hits!!

Our boys made some great plays and came out on TOP!!

All the boys played hard, and most importantly had SO much fun!! We have a great group of boys and parents on the team. GO LONGHORNS!!!!! It's going to be a FUN season!

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was pretty low key on Saturday we headed down to Rough Creek for a little work. By work, I mean me containing the boys and Ryan doing all the work! HA!! We had a few more items to move in, and put the boys bunk beds together. The bed turned out super cute, I found a man in Canton who makes willow furniture and he made me bunks with a twin over a full. They were pretty difficult to assemble, but Ryan figured it out, I love them. I did however forget to take a picture so I will post one later.

As I have mentioned many times the boys LOVE going to R.C., it's just that right now Mommy has no kitchen, and most importantly satellite. So, it is not so much fun for me just yet!! I feel like with no kitchen I can't clean really well or cook, this really seems to bother Ryan but SOON, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

The boys spend most of their time outside exploring, Jack loves to swing and pull the wagon around and Barrett is OBsessed with driving the Ranger, which he does really well!! The newest project is the tree house/deer stand Barrett is working on, he graciously let Jack help.

Yes....that would be a large saw in my child's hand. He call is his "grinder".

The only problem with his "grinder" is that it tends to get him in trouble. After being scolded numerous times to NOT cut down trees, he cut down a fairly large tree on Sunday. Not Good!!
I decided the most effective punishment would be to leave, that was like the end of the world for him. I hope it will help him remember the consequence now?!?

On Sunday afternoon we had an Egg Hunt with some friends. Here are the boys ready to hunt!!
The boys couldn't wait to get started, I had to hold Jack back from numerous attempts to start the hunt before it began!!

Pinata time!! A few kiddos went before Jack, he got up to bat, so to speak, and took a few swings. On his third hit he busted it in HALF!! He was in shock and the was then swarmed by a mob of kids! He just stood there, in SHOCK!!

How funny is this!!!

It was a fun afternoon with friends. Thanks to Beth, Katherine, and Penny for having us.