Monday, April 25, 2011

School Egg Hunts

On Thursday both boys had their Easter Egg Hunts at school. Jack's was first, he was so funny I dropped him off at school and had to run back to home to get the camera, went back in he was SO excited, like he hadn't seen me in ages!! LOVE that boy!!

Jack's class consists of 3 GIRLS and him!! The directors call him Jack and the Chicks!! I think he enjoys it!!

Ready to Hunt Eggs......I think?!

Off on his hunt!!

Okay, got some, I'm done can I eat the candy?

Here are "Jack and the Chicks"

Jack and his favorite chick Ms. Anna, his teacher/babysitter/my saving grace! HA!!

Next up was Barrett's school hunt, I had to go early to hide put the eggs out. Yes, I was THE only parent hiding eggs for our class, one word, SAD!!!! So I literally threw the egg out on the soccer field, there was no where to "hide" eggs. It was going to be a free for all!!

Here they come!! Ready to go, excited little people!!

My sweet boy!! He is getting to big, I can't believe he is almost finished with kindergarten!!

Such a FUN day with my boys!! I just love my life!

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  1. Put a brick on Barrett's head, ok? I swear he's grown since the last pictures you posted. And Jack... he's so adorable!