Sunday, April 3, 2011

Road Trip!!

We left bright and early Friday morning headed to Tennessee, for a weekend wedding. A friend from Lufkin, that now lives in Nashville was getting married. He actually had a band that played at our Reception, almost 10 years ago!! Ryan commented on how old that makes us sound, ugh!! Thanks Babe!

The boys were actually very well behaved on the 11 hour drive!!
Memphis!! Just passing through.

Next up Nashville!!

The wedding was actually in a small town called Wartrace, right outside Nashville. Driving through TN was beautiful!! All the beautiful farms and rolling hills.

We checked in to our less than ideal hotel, not much of a choice in the small town. We then headed out for some dinner!

The boys were SO happy to be out of the car!

On Saturday we decided to get ready and check out of our hotel {if u could call it that}, and we planned to find a hotel after the reception.

We hung around the small town of Wartrace during the afternoon, had lunch at a quaint cafe, and then headed to the MOTGroom's house. The Jones' family have a beautiful place high up on a hill, I'm just glad my driveway isn't like theirs! My kids would be at the hospital everyday, HA!!

The wedding reception was at an old historic Hotel, the Walking Horse Hotel. It is supposedly haunted! Teresa, my MIL had been there most of the week helping her best friend, MOTG Tammy get ready for the wedding. Teresa said she was in the hotel by herself one day decorating, and heard the piano playing. She said she didn't think much about it until she realized she was ALONE!! Scary!

I love this picture, a friend made it for Amy and Brady. Brady is a big musician, it says, "Brady picked Amy". So cute!!

These boys had a blast!!

Tammy {MOTG} & Nana

My kids danced all night!!

Barrett, gatoring!!

My sweetie & I!!

Nana & I

Jack with Brady & Tammy

It was a great night!! We left the reception and drove as far as we could while the boys slept. We ended up stoping in Jackson,TN to sleep. I called 10 hotels and only 1 place had a room!!! Crazy!! As we were checking out this morning, I found the reason why!! BASEBALL!! Of couse, I should have known! HA! Ryan said, "Kelly that is going to be us pretty soon!" We are now making the long drive home!! Whew, hope we make it!!

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