Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First t-ball game of the season

Tuesday was the first t-ball game of the season....Go Longhorns!! The boys have been practicing hard and were so ready!! Kim and I the "team Moms" have been running around like crazy getting everything together. Pants, hats, socks, Mom shirts, etc. My brain has been going 90 to nothing, but I love every minute of it!!

I love the look on Jack's face, admiring his big brother. So Sweet!!

This little baseball boy was ready to play...which was a problem, because he couldn't! HA! During practice he gets to go on the field, have a bat, and helmet. Not during the game Buddy. I was anticipating problems ;)

He had a few outbursts, but luckily Big B and SuSu kept him occupied!! My Mom made the comment, "Kelly I don't know how you do this". I know she was thinking how are you gonna handle all this when we aren't here, and to be honest, I'm not sure!!

Here are the Longhorns ready to PLAY BALL!! Silly boys for sure.

Okay so this pic is for the Bunt family who are DIE HARD Aggies and are on the Longhorns!! I told the boys to hold up their horns, and told Cullen their son to turn his upside down. So funny!!

Barrett had a double, and a couple of other great hits!!

Our boys made some great plays and came out on TOP!!

All the boys played hard, and most importantly had SO much fun!! We have a great group of boys and parents on the team. GO LONGHORNS!!!!! It's going to be a FUN season!

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