Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was pretty low key on Saturday we headed down to Rough Creek for a little work. By work, I mean me containing the boys and Ryan doing all the work! HA!! We had a few more items to move in, and put the boys bunk beds together. The bed turned out super cute, I found a man in Canton who makes willow furniture and he made me bunks with a twin over a full. They were pretty difficult to assemble, but Ryan figured it out, I love them. I did however forget to take a picture so I will post one later.

As I have mentioned many times the boys LOVE going to R.C., it's just that right now Mommy has no kitchen, and most importantly satellite. So, it is not so much fun for me just yet!! I feel like with no kitchen I can't clean really well or cook, this really seems to bother Ryan but SOON, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

The boys spend most of their time outside exploring, Jack loves to swing and pull the wagon around and Barrett is OBsessed with driving the Ranger, which he does really well!! The newest project is the tree house/deer stand Barrett is working on, he graciously let Jack help.

Yes....that would be a large saw in my child's hand. He call is his "grinder".

The only problem with his "grinder" is that it tends to get him in trouble. After being scolded numerous times to NOT cut down trees, he cut down a fairly large tree on Sunday. Not Good!!
I decided the most effective punishment would be to leave, that was like the end of the world for him. I hope it will help him remember the consequence now?!?

On Sunday afternoon we had an Egg Hunt with some friends. Here are the boys ready to hunt!!
The boys couldn't wait to get started, I had to hold Jack back from numerous attempts to start the hunt before it began!!

Pinata time!! A few kiddos went before Jack, he got up to bat, so to speak, and took a few swings. On his third hit he busted it in HALF!! He was in shock and the was then swarmed by a mob of kids! He just stood there, in SHOCK!!

How funny is this!!!

It was a fun afternoon with friends. Thanks to Beth, Katherine, and Penny for having us.

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