Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mary Michael is 2!

This past Saturday was my niece, Mary Michael's 2nd birthday party!! We drove to Groveton to celebrate with them, the party was at The Todd's Ranch house.
It's the paci patrol!! HA!!

Mimsy and Jack had a blast riding together!! The kiddos all have such fun together. When we arrived at the party Mimsy ran up to the boys and gave them both HUGE hugs!! Melt my heart!!

Christie planned a "Ladybug" themed party, it was so cute!! We call Mims ladybug.

Eating lunch, strictly so they could eat that precious cake!!

I like my cake on the run!!!
Pinata FUN!! Barrett was just a tad disappointed that this pinata you pulled strings from the bottom and didn't BEAT it with at stick! HA!!

Just what they needed more sugar!!!

Boys will be boys!! What does my sweet boy decide to do with this cute little lady bug??

Um, yeah.......BURN it!! HA!!

I'll leave you with the b-day girl, admiring her "tinka-balls", Ha!!! Happy 2nd Ladybug!!!

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  1. LOL...cracking up at the burning lady bug!!!! Loved the cake!!