Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's HOT!!!

Well we are on day TWO of no A/C!!! It went out yesterday. I had run home from volunteering at the school to grab some supplies. While I was here I heard something outside that sounded like it exploded, I walked out to find smoke coming from the A/C unit. I called Ryan and told him and surprise he said, "are you sure an animal didn't get in it." I said I don't think so!!! He called our repairman, but he was in Shreveport. He said he would stop by on his way home and look at it. So we headed to Chili's for dinner and some cold air!! When we returned it was about 83 degrees in the house. Ahhhh!!! The repairman said the compressor was blown and there was nothing he could do last night. So we slept with tons of fans on us and burned up!!

Today B was at school and Jack and I spent the day with Christie and Mims!!!

Jack was OBsessed with Mim's sunglasses today! He wore them everywhere!!

Bad news is we have to REPLACE the unit, the other bad news is it won't be in until Friday morning!!!

My birthday is tomorrow, so Ryan said I hope you wanted an air conditioning for your bday! HA!!!

Here's to modern day convenience, I NEVER would have made in the old days!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Fair decorating & Costumes!!

Today after the boys were at school. I went back to ECC B's school to help finish up our book fair decorations. Leslie, Beth, Ashley,Dana & I had so much fun doing this project!! I love being involved with the school and it is such a blessing that I am able to do it!!

Here I am on a very TALL ladder hanging our "flying book"!! Leslie had such great ideas, it all turned out so great!! The kiddos were all so excited seeing all the decor!!

Here are Leslie and I with our finished product!!

I had lunch with Barrett again while I was there. He loved telling everyone that his Mommy and Mrs. Leslie were the ones putting up the superheros!!

When we got home our air conditioner was out!! UGH!!! So it looks like we will be having a fun night somewhere other than our house!!

We did have some excitement today the boys Halloween costumes arrived today!! Barrett loves the "Deadliest Catch" show on Discovery. He decided he was going to be a crab boat captain. I thought it would be so cute if Jack were a crab! I could only find a lobster costume, but you get the idea!!

Here is a sneak peek of my crab boat crew!!

I think they are going to be precious!!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun Friday!

Friday we had a busy day! It started early when I got up to bake the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for the Teacher's Breakfast at Barrett's school. Those were some lucky teachers, the cinnamon rolls smelled so YUMMY!! We got ready and took B to school, I then realized I didn't take the cinnamon rolls in to the school. I had to go around and wait in the horrendous line and then get a stroller and all the rolls into the school! HA! We finally got them delivered and then I took Jack to Christie's house. Christie graciously watched Jack so I could go back to the school to help work on the Book Fair!!

My friend Leslie is in charge of the Book Fair and I was so excited to help her work on the decorations. I felt so bad because I had planned on helping Leslie on Thursday also, but that didn't happen. After I worked out on Thursday morning, Leeanne and I decided to go to Tyler and get manicures. I just totally forgot about our plans to work on Thursday!! CRAZY me!! Luckily sweet Leslie forgave me!! ;)

Here are some of our decorations........

Since I was at the school during lunch time I took the opportunity to eat with my little man! I ran and got Sonic and brought it back to eat with him.

It was so fun to see him interacting with his friends at school instead of just hearing about it. He was really surprised to see me!!

Leslie had her precious little girl Nellie Grace there with us the whole time and she was just the perfect angel!

I had a great time working with some fabulous girls!! Before I knew it it was time to get Barrett and go home. While waiting in the hall for pickup, I was standing with the kiddos and Leslie was in the library. Leslie's son walked by and I said "hey Cullen" he looked at me and waved and he gave me a little wink!! It was so cute!!

We came home and then got ready for some Friday night football! It the Homecoming game!! YEA!!!

During the game Barrett was so trying to catch a football, we almost got one but the people behind us caught it. A sweet young girl tapped Barrett on the shoulder and gave it to him! So Nice!! The Eagles won!!!! It was a great game!!

Electricity at Rough Creek

We headed to Rough Creek last week to work on lighting. They were digging the electricity and I had to work on placing plugs etc. Barrett said it looked like a giant mole had made tunnels everywhere.

The boys had a blast riding on the equipment with PawPaw. They love any tractors or things like that!!

Jack has the best time there he runs all over the room just screaming and laughing. He feels free I guess?!?

Then we have Barrett always trying to build something! Building bridges!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Zoe" Major

Today Rachel Zoe, whom I love, premiered her new fall line. I have her fur vest from last year which I adored! Since I have been losing weight it is now to big, and perfect timing she introduced this years vest. L-O-V-E it!!

I think it is pretty major!!

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Who needs Toys?!

Toys Shmoys! Give this boy a strap and he's happy!!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rough Creek Sunday

We spent last Sunday at Rough Creek, we have been spending alot of time there as the cabin progresses. They boys had a wonderful time playing in the dirt and getting dirty. It was hot!!! I really can't wait for fall!!

Barrett pulled Jack all over in the wagon, he loved it!! Of course Barrett had to do some trimming!

Look at this filthy, precious face!! I litereally had to clean the whole carseat out! HA!!

We saw this beautiful rainbow on our drive home. I just love that my boys love Rough Creek so much, I am looking forward to many great days spent there!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Time Out for three??

On Thursday after school Christie and Mims came over to visit. Barrett was being a little rough, as usual and the kiddos got upset. I had warned him so he had to go to time out! Barrett's time out is usually in the laundry room, but when Christie and I came in to find this...... well I just couldn't help but laugh!

Barrett moved his time out spot in to the den, so he wouldn't miss anything. These two little sweet peas felt sorry for him and went to sit in time out with him!! So funny!!!

Sick Days!

This week has just FLOWN by, I don't really even remember what has gone on!! All my boys have had colds, so I have been doing a lot of nose wiping and cleaning!! HA!! We have just been doing the usual and trying to get use to this school thing....still!! And watching it rain, which we needed!

The highlight of the week is the new popcorn maker that I got for the boys! They are easily amused what can I say! We had one of these when I was little I remember, and Christie has one so I decided to try it. The popcorn is alot healthier, and it makes a ton which the boys love!!

I love this picture of Jack, it is the first time that he really noticed the rain! He walked over to the window and just watched it and said "RAIN". Notice all the mouth and hand prints all over the window, HA!!

Barrett had his first school project this week....ALL ABOUT ME!!

It was a fun project, one whole side was strictly devoted to his love of HUNTING!! I feel quite sure he was the only little one that had his picture with a bunch of dead animals, HA!! That's my boy!!

Weekend Wrap Up!!

Hello All!! I have been just to busy to blog this week! HA! To be honest, to tired is more like it! I am back and hopefully it won't be just for today!!

I'm just going to do a weekend wrap up because I can't remember all the things that have gone on since last week!! CRAZY!!

On Friday we dropped B off at school and headed to Canton with the babes in tow. We had a good day these two babies are fine as long as they are snacking while we shop!!

I got some cute shirts and some shoes for Jack. They had all of the Christmas and Halloween Decor out and I am so ready to decorate for those holidays, not to mention the cool weather!! We didn't stay to long because we had to pick B up from school. He was so excited because he and Ryan were going on their Dove Hunt!!!

On Saturday Christie and Mims hung out with us all day it was great! We watched football games and the babies had a ball playing together. Mims took great naps here at her Aunt Bee's house, Christie couldn't believe it!!

I was talking to Christie about the Couch to 5K thing that a few blog friends are doing. It is an app for your phone and it supposedly helps get you ready for a 5K. She agreed to do it with me so we started that.....hope we can make it through. HA!!

The boys came home on Sunday and had a great hunt!!

The only problem was that they came home sick!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thursday Trapper

Thursday morning started off like usual..........


And more messes!

Barrett headed off to school and I headed to the gym for a new class that almost killed me!! Oh my, we tried a new body pump class and whew, it was killer!!

That evening Barrett and Ryan had a project to take care of. We have been having an armadillo problem in backyard, they are tearing up my flower beds!!! So the boys tried a little trapping!!

He just loves stuff like this!!! Highlight of his day no doubt! HA!!!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

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