Friday, September 10, 2010

Sick Days!

This week has just FLOWN by, I don't really even remember what has gone on!! All my boys have had colds, so I have been doing a lot of nose wiping and cleaning!! HA!! We have just been doing the usual and trying to get use to this school thing....still!! And watching it rain, which we needed!

The highlight of the week is the new popcorn maker that I got for the boys! They are easily amused what can I say! We had one of these when I was little I remember, and Christie has one so I decided to try it. The popcorn is alot healthier, and it makes a ton which the boys love!!

I love this picture of Jack, it is the first time that he really noticed the rain! He walked over to the window and just watched it and said "RAIN". Notice all the mouth and hand prints all over the window, HA!!

Barrett had his first school project this week....ALL ABOUT ME!!

It was a fun project, one whole side was strictly devoted to his love of HUNTING!! I feel quite sure he was the only little one that had his picture with a bunch of dead animals, HA!! That's my boy!!

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