Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun Friday!

Friday we had a busy day! It started early when I got up to bake the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for the Teacher's Breakfast at Barrett's school. Those were some lucky teachers, the cinnamon rolls smelled so YUMMY!! We got ready and took B to school, I then realized I didn't take the cinnamon rolls in to the school. I had to go around and wait in the horrendous line and then get a stroller and all the rolls into the school! HA! We finally got them delivered and then I took Jack to Christie's house. Christie graciously watched Jack so I could go back to the school to help work on the Book Fair!!

My friend Leslie is in charge of the Book Fair and I was so excited to help her work on the decorations. I felt so bad because I had planned on helping Leslie on Thursday also, but that didn't happen. After I worked out on Thursday morning, Leeanne and I decided to go to Tyler and get manicures. I just totally forgot about our plans to work on Thursday!! CRAZY me!! Luckily sweet Leslie forgave me!! ;)

Here are some of our decorations........

Since I was at the school during lunch time I took the opportunity to eat with my little man! I ran and got Sonic and brought it back to eat with him.

It was so fun to see him interacting with his friends at school instead of just hearing about it. He was really surprised to see me!!

Leslie had her precious little girl Nellie Grace there with us the whole time and she was just the perfect angel!

I had a great time working with some fabulous girls!! Before I knew it it was time to get Barrett and go home. While waiting in the hall for pickup, I was standing with the kiddos and Leslie was in the library. Leslie's son walked by and I said "hey Cullen" he looked at me and waved and he gave me a little wink!! It was so cute!!

We came home and then got ready for some Friday night football! It the Homecoming game!! YEA!!!

During the game Barrett was so trying to catch a football, we almost got one but the people behind us caught it. A sweet young girl tapped Barrett on the shoulder and gave it to him! So Nice!! The Eagles won!!!! It was a great game!!

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