Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texans Game 8

Last Friday the Texans had game #8...yes, we did have a game #7, but I completely forgot my camera and took NO pictures. So...we will move on to game 8.  HA!!

Warming up......

 Yep...we had only been at the fields about 5 min. when.....this happened!!  Crazy Boy!!

 B making some catches...Mr. Cool in the shades.

 Sweet boy....just dreaming he can play!
Barrett played great!  He had a HOME RUN, and a single & a double!!  Way to hit B!! 
It was a close game, they got us by one run.  The "poor bad news bears" I mean Texans, haha!! 

Rodeo Day & tooth # 5

This past Thursday was Rodeo Day at Barrett's school...he loves Rodeo day because it's the one time I let him wear his hat to school.  

He looked so cute all "cowboyed" up!  

Before bed that night he lost his 5th tooth!  I mean seriously....stop growing!!  I asked him if he knocked it out riding a bull:)  

Field Day

Tuesday May 15th was Field Day at Barrett's school!  He was SO excited about it...mainly I think because he knew he got to leave early with me:) Love this boy!!

Go B!!

 Barrett making a great shot!

 Sack Race!!
After field day, Barrett and I had lunch with Kim and Kamden at Chili's.  It was a great day spent with my B-man.  

Mother's Day weekend wrap up

Since the posts have been few and far between...I thought I would condense a little to make it easier on myself, HA!!  On Friday May 11th my sweet Jack and I had a fun day running errands, he LOVES to play on these rides at the mall!  It's the little things!!

On Saturday a few girlfriends and I headed to Tyler for a "Girls Day"  an early Mother's day gift from the guys.  We were did some shopping and then we were having a nice lunch when  Chelsea got a text from her husband.  OH NO!!!!  She said "OMG...the kids had a wreck on the golf cart and hit Ryan's truck!"  You see...while we were doing our thing the MEN had all the boys at the dealership and they were going to do a little ball practice.  WELL...you can see what happens when they are left in charge! HA!!  

OK...it is only funny because the kiddos are just fine!  Barrett, Kam & Braden were driving the cart around when they got off...B forgot to turn the key off.  So...Jack and Logan were playing around on the cart and ACCIDENTALLY stepped on the gas...and well, they ZOOMED into the tailgate of Ryan's truck!!  The boys flew off and were strewn all over the ground and the Dads heard the sound and ran to find the boys in complete SHOCK!!!  Thankfully.... just some scrapes and bruises for Jack and Logan!!  Here is the damaged cart...............

It doesn't look that bad, but it needs some major work.  Us girls were discussing the fact that if this is what happens when they are 3....I can only imagine what is to come!!!!!!!

On Mother's Day the boys took me for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.....yummy!

This was a poem my sweet B made me for mother's day!!  He is getting to big!!!

Next we headed to the lake!!

It was such a fun day on the water with my boys!  The water was super choppy...but we had a great time anyway.  I love spending time with my little men!!!  What a great Mother's Day weekend!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Brotherly Love....LOVE it!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lake Day

On Saturday it was a beautiful day...we decided to take out the boat and have a lake day!!  

That would be the boys and I enjoying the "Super Mabel" tube....they had quite the time!

At one point Jack bounced about 4ft in the air and I caught him by the life jacket strap right before he landed on his brother....whew! Never dull!!

We had SO much fun enjoying the lake....at one point we saw a duck with about 10 little ducklings swimming right behind her.  They were beyond CUTE, the boys wanted to grab them and take them home!

Jack ended up falling asleep on a tube ride, haha!! (we moved him to the boat obvi)  It's a tough life for this boy I tell ya!!

Fun Friday

Yesterday Jack & I made a quick trip to Lufkin for my hair appointment {the one that I may have missed on Wednesday...Sorry Sharon!}
Thankfully she got me in quickly!! SuSu and Big B were out of town...so Jack went over to Shi Shi's house to play with the girls while I was at my appt.

Jack was fascinated by Cragg's freakish, ginormous deer!!

While sitting at the salon I get this pic...

Yes, that would be Jack in pigtails. Whatever the girls do he must be a part of, haha!! {I'm almost positive there might have been costumes involved, but we won't post pics of that}

For lunch I picked up our favorite tea room...so yummy!!! And...as Jack & I left town, I had to stop and get a sno cone being that we don't have one in Lindale, yep...pure torture!! It was SO good!!

Ryan wanted to take me dinner at a new place in Tyler called Lago Del Pino.

The place itself is gorgeous! It's a little far out of town...but it makes up with the view & the patio. It's on a lake and it's beautiful! We had cocktails and appetizers outside...and then went in for dinner. We had a great time. Thanks Babe!!

Hope you guys had a great Friday!!

Texans Game 6

Thursday May 3rd we had our 6th game....let me just say it was HOT!!!  For some strange reason we were moved from the machine pitch field to a softball field...and it was 6:00 in the BLAZING sun!!!!!!  These sweet boys were red faced and sweaty before the game even started!

 I was crazy HOT too!!  But...the show must go on! Wait....that's the GAME must go on :)

My sweet red faced boy....ready to play!!

 Barrett had 2 great hits!  Both were singles....the team we played was undefeated and they were ALL about 3 times the size of our boys, HA!!  They fielded the ball SO well and our little boys were just out played!  The only run we had....Barrett scored, I was super proud of him as always!!  

We played our best and had fun!!  Great game Texans!!  

Ok....found this picture of Jack that I took before the game.  I'll that comes to mind is 80's dance belts and legwarmers!!  HA!!  So funny!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Career Day!!

Today was career day at B's school...a friend and I were in charge of getting all of our WONDERFUL career volunteers together for a fun day!  We had so many wonderful local business people who volunteered their time to come speak to almost 500 crazy kiddos! 

This was my first year doing career day....so I was a little nervous of how it would go, but it went great!!

My Sweet husband  and our Ford parts & service manager Bryan representing our businesses Longhorn Ford and Lonestar Dodge...... (p.s. all these are phone pics, sorry)

They boys and I......

Kerissa Payne our fabulous Real Estate expert.....

Mike and Jeretta Nance, M&M Construction.....

Dr. Ben Bunt our Dentist.......

Cynthia Bellar our wonderful Cake Decorator & Baker......

Jeff Andreason, Heritage Builders......

Detective Clay from Lindale PD.......

Lindale VFD..........

More Lindale PD..........

More Lindale VFD......

Barrett got a special treat from Detective Clay for answering a question about police men right....COOL Lindale PD sunglasses!

I am SO grateful for ALL of our wonderful volunteers today!  Career Day was a huge success....and the kiddos loved all of the stickers, pencils, keychains, coloring books, and CUPCAKES that they got from our volunteers!!  Many thanks to ALL involved!!! 

I also got a few treats today, which totally make an average Thursday just FAB!!  My friend Anna got my this Starbucks tumbler that I adore!!!  

And.....my new sunnies came in, LOVE them!!!!

Now on to baseball tonight......