Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Texans Game 6

Thursday May 3rd we had our 6th game....let me just say it was HOT!!!  For some strange reason we were moved from the machine pitch field to a softball field...and it was 6:00 in the BLAZING sun!!!!!!  These sweet boys were red faced and sweaty before the game even started!

 I was crazy HOT too!!  But...the show must go on! Wait....that's the GAME must go on :)

My sweet red faced boy....ready to play!!

 Barrett had 2 great hits!  Both were singles....the team we played was undefeated and they were ALL about 3 times the size of our boys, HA!!  They fielded the ball SO well and our little boys were just out played!  The only run we had....Barrett scored, I was super proud of him as always!!  

We played our best and had fun!!  Great game Texans!!  

Ok....found this picture of Jack that I took before the game.  I'll that comes to mind is 80's dance belts and legwarmers!!  HA!!  So funny!!

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