Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Girls Weekend in NWA

Girls weekend in North West Arkansas!!  On Friday the 20th one of my dear friends Leslie and I decided to take a girls trip to Arkansas...We had a bridal shower for a blog/twitter friend Caroline and decided to make a girls weekend out of it!  I had discovered Caroline's blog from Kelly's Korner blog and then randomly last year met Caroline in Canton.  Leslie and Caroline have become pretty close through twitter/blogs/email....they both have a deep love for the Lord and I admire them both SO much!!  Leslie and I have been talking about a trip to NWA to go to all the restaurants and shops that we hear about on blogs/twitter and when Caroline's shower came up...we thought, PERFECT!!!  ROADTRIP!!!

So...we left the boys with the husbands and hit the road!  Our drive was beautiful and Leslie and I had such great conversation and FUN!  Once we got to AR our first stop was one of our favorites shops in Fayetville....Riffraff!!  We shopped and had so much, we ate a yummy dinner at Doe's Eat Place one of my old haunts from Ole Miss.  Such fun!!

On Saturday we got ready and headed over to the shower at Kelly's house.  OK...I will just say Leslie and I were so nervous before the shower...we were literally in the car praying about the situation.  We thought, they are gonna think we are CRAZY these TEXAS girls barging up into the shower!! HA!!  BUT....we calmed down and went in and were welcomed so graciously and warmly!!  We were SO excited to meet all the AR girls and see Caroline!!  Kelly did a great job with the shower it was precious!!  


Caroline, Leslie and I!  Congrats Caroline!!! We had the best time at the shower and Caroline is HI-Larious....she is so animated and gracious!!  She was cracking me up!!  

Yes...that would be THE Kelly Stamps!!!  I will say....I was a little star struck :)  I was SO happy to meet Kelly IRL!!!  After reading her blog for so long and talking on twitter....I felt like I already knew her!  Kelly's blog is the reason I started happy I did!!  It is just crazy how the Lord and the blogging world bring friends together! Kelly's girls are just as precious as they seem on the blog!  It was so funny, Kelly and I got Caroline the same shower gift...we joked that the "Kelly's" think alike! Thanks for being such a FAB hostess Kelly!!!

This is Meredith....she is such a sweetheart!  She came up to me and was like, "Are you Kelly from Kelly Bees Boys?!?"  She told me she reads my blog and has been inspired by my weight loss story and that is just such a WONDERFUL know that I have helped somebody else!!

After the shower Leslie and I did some more shopping...surprise!  We shopped around at the nicest open air mall and had a great lunch!  After all the shopping what would come next but a wonderful dinner.  We ate at another local spot called "Tusk & Trotter".  It was SO good!!!  We may or may not have asked the server if we could have one of everything on the menu!! We couldn't decided!!

I ended up getting the ribs....
And Leslie got the chicken and waffles.....

The food was fabulous and the conversation even better....Leslie and I had a ball together!!  On Sunday we headed home back to our kiddos.  It was such a wonderful weekend...I am SO thankful for Leslie's friendship!!  

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  1. Aww! I am so glad y'all were greeted with true Arkansas hospitality! It was so great to meet you and Leslie! You are so sweet, too! Keep in touch!