Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Weekend Fun!

We had a GREAT weekend here! On Friday my sister(Christie) and I decided to go to Canton, with all the children in tow. We stopped in Canton and had lunch at the "World Famous Dairy Palace". Not so sure what they are "world famous" for but it is good and they have great tea!! Usually Christie rides with me but now that she has her own baby girl, it's alot to move all the car seats, strollers, etc. So she followed me in her car, besides we both needed room for all our Canton purchases! LOL Christie is not the biggest fan of Canton, I don't know why not?....crowds, people on motorized carts, the heat. Anyway, when we got there to park, I pulled in and parked and I hear the gentleman who takes the money for the lot yelling. "Mam, Mam, That is not a spot. You by the Escalade, that's not a spot!" So funny! She got in trouble from the parking police. I can't tell you how many times I have just pulled in anywhere and made a spot without any trouble from anyone, and the first time she parks there she gets called down.

Here are Christie and Barrett at the Dairy Palace, and of course Mary Micheal under the peanut shell.

And we can't forget my little Jack he was there too!!

Since it was our first Canton trip with all the kids, we didn't stay very long. Here are a few of my purchases. I got these cute monogrammed shopping bags, now I just have to remember to take them in with me to Walmart. And I also got this cute cooler bag at the same booth, a girl can never have too many bags!

My sister and I both got these cute hats! And I found this necklace, it's funny because usually all my Canton purchases are for the kiddos, and I didn't buy them a thing this time.

This weekend was also our neighborhood's First Annual Picnic! It was at our next door neighbors house. We had the pool and a bounce house for the kids. Everyone brought a dish or two. I made Paula Deen's mac and cheese and Corn Dip (my fav). It was really fun! Here are the boys on our way out, as you can see they did not want to take pictures.

Okay, I had to put a picture of my hydrangeas! These are the first time they have bloomed for me. Last year I really messed them up, but they came back and are beautiful. I am so proud of them. I know I'm a goof. I took them to our hostess.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Childrens Rooms and Nurseries

Here it is another Friday and time for "Show us where you live Friday!"
Welcome to Jack's Nursery. I love his room, when boys are babies it's the only time their room can be a little "fu fu". And for a girlie girl like me with only boys, lets just be glad their rooms don't stay like this forever.

I love Jack's baby wreath, these might be an East Texas thing. Everyone around here has a wreath put on their door at the hospital. My Mother in Law made both of my boys' wreaths and she does a fabulous job, she should go in to business.

I got this idea from Pottery Barn Kids. Using apothocary jars to store baby items. I have a few of these in Jack's room.

Jack's bedding came from Rocking Horse Designs, they have a both in Canton @ First Monday's. His crib is from Bratt Decor. With my first child I wanted an iron crib so bad, but I didn't want to spend the money. So with Jack I knew he would be my last and I blew out all the stops and got it. I am so in love with it!!

Now on to Barrett's room. Barrett's room is done in a cabin theme. He had to have his room like the "deer lease" which he talks about and wants to go to everyday!

This bobcat was my husbands doing. I thought that Barrett would be scared of it, but oh no he, loves it. Funny story on the bobcat. When we go to the zoo and see the real bobcats, Barrett always says "I have one of those in my room, except it's dead. My Daddy shot it!" I just laugh while every one stares in disbelief that a four year old just said that.

I think this sign is so cute, it came from Canton too. Whew, that was a long post. Thanks for stopping by our hive to check out the boy's rooms!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack Ryan is Seven Months Old!

This post was supposed to take place last Thursday, but we were out of town so here it is a few days late. Jack you are seven months old here are some things about you!!

- You are sitting up.

- You love your solid foods. (bananas and carrots are your favorite)

- You are constantly smiling!! You are SO happy!!

- Rolling all over the place.

- You are trying to crawl. You pretty much scoot backwards.

- You love to grab things. (necklaces and hair)

- Not sleeping through the night yet :( Still wake up and want to nurse once during the night.

- Getting your first tooth on the bottom.

- Weight about 18 pounds and 27 1/2 inches. (As someone said the other day a bruiser)

- You love to laugh at everyone. Especially Barrett!!

- You are an amazing child, I am so blessed to be your Mom!!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend!!

Well it has been awhile since my last post. We had been at the beach since last Tuesday! We had a great time in Port Bolivar. Every time I go it looks better. It is truly amazing how far the coast has come back since Hurricane Ike. My Parents house is back to normal and so is most of our neighborhood. Memorial Weekend marks the beginning of summer and I am so glad it's here!

On Thursday we headed to Galveston via the Ferry. How is a ride that I dread, the only reason my son wants to go to Galveston. I was anxious to see the strand, as I had not been since Ike. One of my favorite stores Tina's was reopening and I wanted to pay them a visit.

Here are the Kiddos on the Strand!!

While on the strand Barrett had to have some ice cream. My mom took him into a fudge shop to get some. While waiting in line one of the clerks dropped a glass lid onto the floor and some glass sliced my Mom's foot. The man said "Oh sorry, well you can have your cone for free." Gee thanks!!

The beach is still dirty. There is so much debris still washing up and the lovely sea weed was there. But the kids don't mind. Barrett was into his usual digging holes. It was Jack's first time in the sand and he really enjoyed it.

I love how kids can just fall asleep anywhere.(most of the time) Both of the boys ended up napping on the beach, they were so sweet and peaceful.

We had such a good time! Beautiful weather and good times were had by all! I am really thankful that the peninsula is making a comeback!

Here are my princes' before dinner at Coconuts!! I know my boys will hate me later but I just love dressing them alike. I can't help it!! So cute!! It must be a Southern thing. Oh well, they are only little once.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me!! Monday

Here it is Monday again! Let's look and see what crazy things I did not do this past week.

While out of town this weekend staying in a hotel. I most certainly did not take my 6 months old out of bed with me, put him in his stroller and roll him into the bathroom.(because he would not sleep!) Just so I could get a few minutes of sleep. I would never do that. Not me!!

And at the same said hotel. I did not let my son jump on the bed. And when he asked "Mom, why am I not getting in trouble for this?" Answer him with, "Well we can only do this in hotels." Not Me!!

And also while shopping this weekend did not let my son purchase a gun that shoots soft ammo, (and is labeled for 14+) because his dad said "He needs the practice, I'll teach him how to use it properly. It will be good for him." After all he is a mature 4 year old. No, Not Me!!

Check out MckMama's blog for more like this!! And join in on the insanity!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shreveport Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Friday we headed down to Shreveport with the kids and my parents. Ryan and I were meeting some friends and going to the Kenny Chesney concert. My parents said they would keep the kids. Then my Dad suggested that they come too and we could eat at one of our favorite restaurants the Superior Grill, and then they would keep the kids in the hotel while we went to the concert.

They have the best Margaritas Ever!! Love them. So we went and ate and took my parents back to the hotel. Barrett thought it was so much fun he loves hotels. He said to me "Mom, This is Jack's first time in a hotel. I think he's gonna love it."

The concert was amazing. Kenny is a wonderful performer. I don't think he stopped once during that concert. We also got to see Miranda Lambert. Just got to love the hometown girl! She even mentioned our little town during the concert, so cute!

On Saturday Ryan wanted to take the boys to Bass Pro Shop there in Shreveport. It is kind of fun because they have a little alligator exhibit that Barrett likes. " Hmm.... Isn't it great being the only girl in the family; Bass Pro, my favorite place." LOL.

Barrett is such a Daddy's boy. This weekend at Bass Pro he actually had a meltdown when Ryan walked away from us. It is so funny because just recently he has become so attached to his Daddy. My Dad was telling me stories of him just flipping out while Ryan had stepped away to do something. I had never seen this happen in the flesh, until this weekend. We were upstairs at Bass Pro and to get down with the stroller we had to take the elevator. Ryan said " ya'll go on down, I'm going to take the stairs." (Meaning I want to look at something else; go on take the kids and all the merchandise and pay for it, and I'll be down in a minute.) So Barrett just hopped the elevator to look down into the aquarium and when the doors shut, he was like "Where is my Daddy?" I said "Barrett he is walking down the stairs he'll meet us down there." Immediately tears well up. I can't belive this after all I am only his Mother. The woman he spends every hour, of every day with. So by the time the elevator stops he is in panic mode. People are looking at me like I have abducted this child. I was mortified. Finally Ryan shows up and I'm like thanks so much for that. But overall it was a great time. But I was really tired and glad to be home!!

So here is the cute little boy I found in Bass Pro Shop, Uh Hmm.. I mean my son.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Okay, so on this Show us where you live Friday guest room editon I will be showing you our playroom. This use to be our guest room until my second child came along. Everyone always says "Why don't you just not have a playroom and keep it for a guestroom?" My answer is that I hate toys, and they do not belong in my living room, den, kitchen, etc. So the only option is a playroom. And here it is.

The room is small so I chose to use a daybed to save space. I also like that it has a matress cover instead of bedding so the kiddos don't unmake the bed all the time.

I don't allow the boys to have t.v.'s in their rooms, but I do have one in the playroom. I do have to say though my son does not like t.v., he would much rather be outside. At first I thought "This is great, he won't be glued to the t.v.!" But now even when I want him to sit down and watch a movie while I get things done, no such luck. Anyhoo I love this t.v. cabinet because it is the first real piece of furniture Ryan and I bought together. We bought it in Kerrville, TX on one of our trips to plan our wedding there.

Sorry this room isn't more fun, it is where all the lovely toys and junk go!! Notice the B.B. gun in the corner, no it's not loaded. Believe it or not I got this at my baby shower! That's Texas for ya! Thanks for looking in on us!!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother' Day Weekend

This was my first Mother's Day weekend being a mother of two. We decided we would go to Lufkin since all the family is there. It was a full house with all of us and our husbands, kids, and dogs. It was alot of fun on Saturday we had our first pool day of the year. Barrett had fun in the pool and it was Jack's first pool time!!!

Jack, Big B and Barrett!!

My little sunshine boy!! You have to love a baby in a hooded towel so cute!!

Oh and did I mention that there are sharks in our pool? Yes that is my four year old with floaties on. Swimming lessons didn't go so well last year, and I was pregnant and not about to fight that battle. So we are hoping that a year really makes a difference and by the end of the summer our pool will be a little more kid friendly (shark free that is)!!

And what weekend would be complete without my Dad getting my husband to help him with a few projects. The boys moved furniture into my parents new guest house, and put up a new swing set for the ever growing grandkids. Somehow my little worker bee Barrett talked them into buring the burn pile in the back. My child loves to work!!

My sister was showing me the gift her husband got her and I said "Hey Honey, where is my mother's day gift?" he told me, "Kelly, there are two kinds of husbands. The kind that suprise you with gifts on mother's day etc. And there are there are the kind that let you buy what you want all year for yourself without complaint."

Me: "Umm, on second thought honey your right I'll keep the latter."

After all I have the two best Mother's Day gifts I could ever ask for!!

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Show us where you live Friday

Here is my first "Show us where you live Friday". Kelly from Kelly's Korner Blog created this look into everyones homes on Fridays. Check out her blog for more.

This is the view coming in from my front door. The Large Elk would be the newest addition to our living room. Sorry to all you non-hunters.

This is looking out from my master bedroom.

This view is from my den/breakfast nook.

This is our den. It is a small room off the kitchen. We have a small breakfast table and couch in this room. It is the room the kids and I spend our time in. I like it because it's open to the kitchen and it feels like everyone is together.

Another view of the den. This room is usually filled with baby swings, bouncers, toys, etc. I love it because it's cozy. I can also watch Barrett playing outside while nursing the baby.

Thanks for taking a look inside my home! And this concludes todays tour.

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