Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother' Day Weekend

This was my first Mother's Day weekend being a mother of two. We decided we would go to Lufkin since all the family is there. It was a full house with all of us and our husbands, kids, and dogs. It was alot of fun on Saturday we had our first pool day of the year. Barrett had fun in the pool and it was Jack's first pool time!!!

Jack, Big B and Barrett!!

My little sunshine boy!! You have to love a baby in a hooded towel so cute!!

Oh and did I mention that there are sharks in our pool? Yes that is my four year old with floaties on. Swimming lessons didn't go so well last year, and I was pregnant and not about to fight that battle. So we are hoping that a year really makes a difference and by the end of the summer our pool will be a little more kid friendly (shark free that is)!!

And what weekend would be complete without my Dad getting my husband to help him with a few projects. The boys moved furniture into my parents new guest house, and put up a new swing set for the ever growing grandkids. Somehow my little worker bee Barrett talked them into buring the burn pile in the back. My child loves to work!!

My sister was showing me the gift her husband got her and I said "Hey Honey, where is my mother's day gift?" he told me, "Kelly, there are two kinds of husbands. The kind that suprise you with gifts on mother's day etc. And there are there are the kind that let you buy what you want all year for yourself without complaint."

Me: "Umm, on second thought honey your right I'll keep the latter."

After all I have the two best Mother's Day gifts I could ever ask for!!

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  1. Kelly, Callie found your blog and told me about it. Your boys are so cute and I loved looking at your home. Sarah, Bonny and Callie all have a blog so I have become an avid reader. I am so glad we found yours.

  2. Kelly-
    The blog is so cute!! I love the pics of your house and your boys!! They are both beautiful!