Friday, May 8, 2009

Show us where you live Friday

Here is my first "Show us where you live Friday". Kelly from Kelly's Korner Blog created this look into everyones homes on Fridays. Check out her blog for more.

This is the view coming in from my front door. The Large Elk would be the newest addition to our living room. Sorry to all you non-hunters.

This is looking out from my master bedroom.

This view is from my den/breakfast nook.

This is our den. It is a small room off the kitchen. We have a small breakfast table and couch in this room. It is the room the kids and I spend our time in. I like it because it's open to the kitchen and it feels like everyone is together.

Another view of the den. This room is usually filled with baby swings, bouncers, toys, etc. I love it because it's cozy. I can also watch Barrett playing outside while nursing the baby.

Thanks for taking a look inside my home! And this concludes todays tour.

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  1. I love your home! Thanks for sharing:) Also, your blog design is fabulous! Jennisa did a GREAT job and your boys are precious. Love their names!

  2. Wowza, I love your home! It's SO warm and inviting!

  3. Darlin Boys! Cozy house & love the pictures of your family. Kinda fun visiting peoples homes. From Lone Star to Golden State....
    Many blessings~

  4. Beautiful home and adorable blog! We have an elk too! ;)

  5. Beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day!