Friday, July 29, 2011

{friday favs}

Today I thought I would jump on the Friday favorites bandwagon. Here are a few things I am loving right now!

{emi jay hair ties}

These have been featured in a few magazines lately and I just love them!! Way better than the old rubber bands.

{school supplies}

I LOVE shopping for school supplies, always have. Anything to do with new pens & notebooks, is right up my alley!

{friendship style bracelets}

I have seen tons of all different styles of "friendship" bracelets everywhere these days. I found these cuties at Tarjay, and I am loving them!!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baseball Roadtrip!!

On Friday morning the boys and I picked up Big B and headed out on a ROADTRIP!! We headed to Southaven, MS to watch Ryan's brother, Kolby, play in the World Series. Ryan was working and he didn't want the boys and I driving all that way by ourselves so my Dad graciously agreed to go with us! Big Mistake, HA!! Just kidding! We arrived in Mississippi just in time for the opening ceremonies. We met up with Nana to watch all the teams be introduced and watch a fireworks show. Barrett and Jack had a ball catching beads and candy! Barrett looked like he had been to Mardi Gras after it was over!!

The boys played really hard, Kolby played just awesome!! It didn't start off to well for them they lost the first two game in pool play, but those were just for seating purposes. I really learned a lot about baseball this weekend!
We had some fun dinners out, Barrett and Jack were all about throwing peanuts on the floor at Texas Roadhouse.
My Dad and I were cracking up at all the "dirty looks" we were getting everywhere! I think people thought he was my husband and the "Dad". It was really funny!!! So he kept referring to himself as the "DOM", dirty old man. HA!!

In between games we played at the park. This whole baseball complex was AMAZING! It was HUGE, it's called Snowden Grove Park. It was the nicest ballpark I have ever been to!

The boys with Uncle Kolby!!

Jack and PawPaw getting ready for the game!!

Jack in the helmet, as usual. He is just CRAZY about his "hat"!! The boys WON the first game of the series!! Kolby made this amazing catch, it was like professional style, I wish I pictures!!

We headed home on Monday, after a long, HOT weekend of baseball!! My Dad was so kind to put up with my crazy boys in a hotel and on the LONG car rides!! Thanks Big B!! We had a GREAT time!! As of today the boys have won all their games. They are one game away from the Championship, Go LUFKIN!!!!

Millie's Birthday!!

On Tuesday morning July 19 I had the pleasure of waking up with this little lady. It was a big day for her, and our family, it was Millie Suzanne Todd's birthday debut!!

Christie and Cragg were up at the hospital bright and early so she could get her labor started. I hung out at the house with Mimsy and Big B for a little while, then I headed up to the hospital to visit with Christie and WAIT!

Mom, Christie & I waiting for Millie to arrive!

We had a fun time visiting while we waited for Millie! I may or may not have downloaded this terrible app, that we had WAY to much fun with, HA!! Christie was amazing as usual!! She and Cragg offered to let me stay and watch the birth, since I won't ever experience "natural" childbirth (I had C-sections). I was SO honored! I was truly one of the most amazing experiences, next to my own children, I have ever had!! I was SO proud of Christie, Millie was just perfect!!! Millie was 7 lbs. and 7 oz., 19 1/4"

Mary Michael meeting her sister for the first time, she wanted to give her a kiss! So sweet!

My sweet boys were at home with Anna. They had a fun day at the pool and then came home to do some frog catching!! Poor Barrett was sad he couldn't come on the day of her arrival, but I thought it was best they came later.
On Wednesday I had Anna drive the boys to Lufkin to meet their new cousin! They were so excited to see Mary Michael and Millie!!

Mimsy holding Millie!! Just melts my heart!!

Aunt Bee with my two girls!! I love them to pieces!!

We tried REALLY hard to get just one pic of all FOUR kiddos, yeah, that didn't happen :)
Barrett was so good with Millie he wanted to hold her, like a lot!! HA!! Jack and Mimsy were not as interested, but I'm sure that will change!

Welcome to the family Millie!! We couldn't be more excited that you are here!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funday Monday

We had a fun Monday, the boys, Anna and I went to Newk's for lunch. It was actually Anna's first time at Newk's!!

After lunch we decided to go see Cars 2, since our first attempt of seeing the movie was unsuccessful. Once again we got all our goodies and were ready for the show. Barrett liked it, Jack was less interested:(. My kids are just not t.v. people which is good & bad! Ha!! We did make it through the movie, so we are making progress!

After the movie we went to pick up our new icemaker. Our old one was having some issues, so we ordered a new one. I was driving Ryan's truck & the men at Sear's loaded it up for me. It was standing up and I asked them if I could lay it down and they said NO! I was like well it's gonna fall!! They informed me they could give me some twine, but I would have to tie it down, they couldn't help?!?! Really? So I thought, oh it will be fine, it's heavy enough.

Well as soon as I turned out of the parking lot, I could see that's wasn't the case! Ha!! I pulled over and Barrett explained all I needed to do was get Dad's straps out of the tool box and strap it down! Oh yeah, I know exactly how to do that! Barrett got in the back of the truck while Anna and I "tried"to secure this thing! It was only about 101 degrees and we were sweating like crazy!! After a FEW attempts........


After that ordeal we headed home, I had to pack up to go to Lufkin. I dropped the boys off with Ryan and drove to my parents house. Christie was being induced on Tuesday morning!!! Julie, Christie and I had a great dinner at the Hole, her last dinner out for a while :)

Here were Christie & Millie right before bed!! Tomorrow we meet Millie!! Mary Michael will be a big sister & I will be an Aunt B again!!

Christie might KILL me for this picture, but have you ever seen such a cute belly!!

We are SO excited!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our week in IPhone pics

Last week was a fun, busy week!! Barrett had Day Camp at Sky Ranch!! He was a little nervous, but excited. He was up early and ready on Monday morning, and so was Jack! Poor thing I think he though he was going to get to go too!! I apologize for the pictures, but like I said they are all from my phone.

Arriving at camp!!

Steel, Abram & Barrett! Our little day campers!
The boys were in the Mighty Ducks group!

A carpool FULL of boys, story of my life!! HA!!

On Wednesday Ashley, Asher, Jack and I had a fun day in Tyler while the big boys were at camp.

Thanks to my friend Tiffanie, I discover the "Tonytail". Love it!!

My sweet Jack and I had a date at TCBY before we picked Barrett up at his last day of camp!
Our day camp boys put on a great closing show for us, singing and being silly!!

Barrett with his counselor, he received the "Jack in the Box" award. At first he was shy and quiet, but after a day or two, he opened up and was friendly with everyone! That's my boy!!

Here are our day campers and our "future day campers"!! The boys had a blast!! That is a whole bunch of BOYS!!!

On Friday night I met up with some girlfriends for Jill's birthday! We had terrible service but a great time with friends, and a wonderful Janie's Cake!!

Happy Birthday Jill!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rough Creek Progress

After the shower on Saturday the 9th we were READY to go home!!! We left Lufkin and made one last stop on our drive home, Rough Creek!! Ryan had some work done while we were out of town and we needed to check the work out.

New carport!!

New sidewalk down to the cabin.

Sidewalk and fire pit area, actual fire pit will be stone.

All my doors are painted!!

Lastly, some of the cabinets!!! Yea!! The rest should be hung this week:)

Love the progress!!

Lufkin weekend!

On Thursday July 7th we left the beach and headed to Lufkin. Our little family was ready to be home, but we had some fun planned in Lufkin before our long vacay was over!

On Friday Ryan and I took all the kiddos to the movies to see Cars 2!! We loaded up on popcorn and candy, but unfortunately the movie theater was having difficulties so NO MOVIE!! AHHH, I was a little upset, but we got our money back and free passes!

After the movies we headed home to Big B and SuSu's house and we had a special visitor, little Preston was visiting! Such a sweet boy, he really got me excited for little Millie!!
Ryan & I decided we needed something else to do so we again took ALL the kids and headed to Walmart. I had to get my food for a baby shower I was hosting. Ryan and I were laughing as we pushed this ginormous buggy, he said "And you wanted 3 kids?!?" HA!! CURED!! All you Mom's with more than two, woo, I am in awe!!

Barrett had a big day on Friday he lost 2 teeth!!! The first one was earlier in the day on our snocone run.


We were on our way to watch Ryan's brother play ball and he yells "well that tooth fairy better give me all her money, here is another one!" HAHA, this child cracks me up!!!

They boys had such fun at the ballpark, Barrett got to sit on the field and even got to be a ball boy!! He loved it!! Jack spent his time charming the ladies in the stands!! I think I have my hands full with him for sure!!

On Saturday was hosting a baby shower for one of my very best friends, Patti Johnson. We had the shower at her Mom's house and it was just so cute!!
Patti's sisters did a great job decorating! Her sister Becky even made the cake and it was precious!

It was so great to see all the girls and I cannot wait to meet little Wilson!!