Friday, July 29, 2011

{friday favs}

Today I thought I would jump on the Friday favorites bandwagon. Here are a few things I am loving right now!

{emi jay hair ties}

These have been featured in a few magazines lately and I just love them!! Way better than the old rubber bands.

{school supplies}

I LOVE shopping for school supplies, always have. Anything to do with new pens & notebooks, is right up my alley!

{friendship style bracelets}

I have seen tons of all different styles of "friendship" bracelets everywhere these days. I found these cuties at Tarjay, and I am loving them!!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm lovin' your Friday Love List! I'm not familiar with the hair ties, but I'm sure Alise would love them!! As for school supplies, I love to browse down the aisles, but I don't get to buy. A goes to a private school and all we do is write a check on the first day of school. Have a happy weekend!!