Monday, July 18, 2011

Our week in IPhone pics

Last week was a fun, busy week!! Barrett had Day Camp at Sky Ranch!! He was a little nervous, but excited. He was up early and ready on Monday morning, and so was Jack! Poor thing I think he though he was going to get to go too!! I apologize for the pictures, but like I said they are all from my phone.

Arriving at camp!!

Steel, Abram & Barrett! Our little day campers!
The boys were in the Mighty Ducks group!

A carpool FULL of boys, story of my life!! HA!!

On Wednesday Ashley, Asher, Jack and I had a fun day in Tyler while the big boys were at camp.

Thanks to my friend Tiffanie, I discover the "Tonytail". Love it!!

My sweet Jack and I had a date at TCBY before we picked Barrett up at his last day of camp!
Our day camp boys put on a great closing show for us, singing and being silly!!

Barrett with his counselor, he received the "Jack in the Box" award. At first he was shy and quiet, but after a day or two, he opened up and was friendly with everyone! That's my boy!!

Here are our day campers and our "future day campers"!! The boys had a blast!! That is a whole bunch of BOYS!!!

On Friday night I met up with some girlfriends for Jill's birthday! We had terrible service but a great time with friends, and a wonderful Janie's Cake!!

Happy Birthday Jill!!!

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