Friday, July 15, 2011

June Beach Trip

At the end of June the boys and I took a quick beach trip with my parents & Christie, Cragg and Mimsy! My poor husband had to stay home and work, but he graciously let the boys and I go enjoy ourselves!!

Christie and I, with Millie!!
We had such fun, minus the seaweed which is always terrible this time of year. This was actually our first beach trip this year! Since Big B sold the beach house last year, we have been lost!! HA!! Our friends The Jacobs, let us use their house for a fun few days!!

My sweet Mimsy and I!! I can't believe that this little munchkin will be a big sister soon!! Love this little lady, she is my partner in crime!!

My Beach Boys!!
The kids had way to much ice cream and fun! The newest addiction was them being pulled and then slung down the surf on the boogie board. Dad and I took turns doing the running and slinging, needless to say it's a workout!!

We had a great time and the best news is I think we all sufficiently bugged my Dad enough that he will have to start our new beach house ASAP!! HA!!

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