Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day at the Dealership

Today after Jack and I had run a million errands in Tyler; and then picked up B from school, we headed to the dealership. My car had a light on and we went to have it checked out. Barrett LOVES to go up to the dealership and work with his Daddy. On our way there Barrett says: "Mom, have you ever been to the dealership? I can show you around." Me: "Uhh, YEAH. I only worked there for four years buddy, I think I'm good on the tour."

So while they guys checked out my car we rode around on the golf cart and explored the dealership. It is a little boys paradise. Cars, Trucks, Tools, so much to do and so much to get into trouble in!!

Barrett helped to guys wash my car, and one of his old four wheelers that we got out of storage for Jack. The man was in his element!!

Notice the popcorn in his hands. The popcorn and candy machines might be another big draw to the dealerships too! He tucked a towel into his jeans and said, "Mom I'm a worker man now." Too much I tell ya, the boy is too much!

First T-Ball Practice!

Monday Barrett had his first t-ball practice. Let me start by saying I have been dreading this day for years, maybe since I found out that my bun in the oven was a boy. See, let me explain. For those who don't know me really well, I am not the ballpark kind of girl. No offense if you are, but I grew up with a sister and we didn't frequent the ball much, errr, ever. I am more of the dance/gymnastics type. To make matters worse my husbands brother Kolby, is a super ball player. All four of my nephews are great ball players on select teams. If you don't know what a select team is, well come back for tomorrows post. My point is that my son or sons rather, are going to want to play ball like the rest of the family. Who knew baseball was a year long sport????

So anyhow, we had our first practice with the DRAGONS. Barrett was so excited and he did really well! With two boys, I knew this day was coming. I am going to suck it up and embrace my inner baseball mom!

The pictures are terrible I only had the phone, not to mention the wild man I was chasing around the ball park!

I have to admit I am a bit excited to see my little man all dressed up in his uniform, how cute will he be in those teenie baseball pants! Love it!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Confetti Eggs and Birthday Sunday

Sunday morning started off with a bang, or crack actually. My Mom and Barrett found some confetti eggs at the store and first thing Sunday morning Barrett was busting eggs outside on the porch. He started off on his own head, then I turned around and saw that he had Jack outside and was cracking the eggs all over him. Next was Mary Michael, everyone got a little confetti. The babies couldn't figure out what exactly the confetti was, but they had fun playing in it!

The rest of our Sunday was filled with birthday parties. The first party was my nephew Breece's 5th birthday. He had a "Willy Wonka" themed birthday party. The boys had fun eating candy, bouncing in the bounce house, and playing with their cousins!!

That evening after his golf tournament Daddy joined us for Nana's birthday celebration. He drove down from Lindale and made it just in time for dinner at Del Rio. We had a full house at dinner. It had been a long time since we have all gotten together for dinner. We had 7 little boys at dinner it was WILD!! It would have been 8 but Jack stayed home it was to late for him. We got to meet Kolby's new girlfriend Megan, she was brave for coming with all those kiddos!! We had a great time and Nana loved having us all together!

Busy Saturday!

We had a busy Saturday! We got up bright and early for Barrett's soccer game. The Falcons pulled of another win and Barrett played hard. It was so windy at the game! I wasn't prepared, I was a little cold.

After the game, the boys and I headed to Lufkin. Ryan had to stay in Lindale for a few work things, he was coming to meet us later. I was helping with a wedding shower for one of my best friends Patti. I drove like a mad woman and we made it to L-town just in time for the shower. It was so great seeing all the girls! And yes, I am the dork who forgot to take my camera to the shower so NO pictures. It was beautiful. The cake, the flowers, every thing was just great. Thanks to Karen and Judy for letting us use their house!!

After the shower we headed over to my cousin Julie's new condo that she is moving in to. It is so cute! Everything is pink and girlie, and I mean everything! She even has pink pots and pans!! I want her to redo my house, but I'm guessing since I'm the only girl in the house that won't be happening!!

After our long day the boys and I were worn out. My Dad picked up dinner from one of my favorite places the "Hole in One". My chicken fried tuna was wonderful! We had a busy but FUN Saturday, it was great to be at Big B and SuSu's house!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Friday!

Today SuSu and Big B were in town so we decided it would be a good day to do the kids picture with the Easter bunny. We all headed to Tyler to give it a shot. When we got there Jack and Mims were both waving at the Bunny. Of course they were still in the strollers with us at this point. I got Jack out and he walked right over to the bunny, he was ready. Mary Michael on the other hand was clinging to Christie like a leach. I pryed her off and we put them all on the Bunny and RAN!!!

So, they did pretty good! Mim's wouldn't smile, which is a shocker! She is always smiling at everyone; meanwhile Jack is mister solemn man, but not today!

While visiting the Easter Bunny they give you a coupon for Build a Bear, so we decided to let B go do that. He picked out a bunny, very fitting of the occasion.

After the mall we went to Haverty's. SuSu wanted our opinions on some new couches for the beach house, which we loved!! Mary Michael and Jack had a ball running around the store. Luckily we were the only customers in the store because Jack was wearing the dreaded "squeaky shoes"!!! He was running and the shoes were squeaking like crazy!!! I have been meaning to take the squeak out and just have forgotten. MAKE A NOTE, Crazy Lady!!!!

We have a busy weekend! Soccer tonight, game in the morning. Heading to Lufkin for Patti's bridal shower. Then two birthday parties on Sunday! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!

Gourmet Cupcakes in Tyler???

On Thursday Christie, Mims, Jack and I headed to Tyler. We had a few errands to run, then we ate lunch at Jason's Deli. Christie said, lets try the new cupcake place.

I totally forgot that the new cupcake store "Ganache" was open!!!! We were soooo excited! Let me start off by saying they had alot to live up to, I am a "Sprinkles" girl all the way.

The store is very nice, looks similar to Sprinkles. We both decided to get a few flavors to try. I got Strawberry Fields, Red Velvet, Vanilla (for the boys), and Maple Bacon. Yes, you heard me MAPLE BACON, I mean a cupcake with bacon. Well yes, I think I will!!

I tasted a bite of all of them. They were all good, but I think the plain vanilla was actually my fav.

Barrett was at school so after I picked him up he was so excited for his treat!!!

I LOVE that we now have a place to go get cupcakes!! How fun!!

Thursday evening Ryan took me out to dinner and a movie. We saw "The Bounty Hunter", all I can say is wait for it on Netflix. Nothing to great!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Snowy Sunday!

On the second day of spring we woke up to SNOW. Really? Again? I am beginning to wonder where I live. The boys were very excited about this spring surprise, I however was not. At least I moved my plants in the garage the night before so it wasn't a total bust.

Barrett and Jack both have a bit of a runny nose, so I didn't want them outside in it. Of course, Barrett had to try me, I heard the door beep and slam shut. I go out after him to find him dressed to play. Nice try buddy.

SPRING, please get here. Umbrella's are for sunshine NOT snow!!

The Daffodil Garden

On Friday Christie and I decided to take the kiddos to Gladewater to Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden. We dressed them up and were going to attempt to get some pictures. Let's face it we would have been okay with even ONE good picture.

We had been instructed at the entrance only stop in designated areas and don't step on the flowers. Which we were happy to abide by. Once we got the the area that you could take pictures, we got the kiddo together and CAREFULLY weaved our way into the perfect spot. Suddenly I hear "MAM, Mam!" Uh? Are you talking to me? "Mam, you have to get out of the flowers!!" OKAY, Okay. We had not harmed one flower, but excuse me I drove here for some pics and I'm not leaving without them. He told me we had to stay on the edge of the flowers, you can't walk amongst them even if you are careful. FINE!!! So we obeyed the rules and tried to get some pics; while dodging bull nettle, ants, and itchy grass. You can guess how this went.........NOT WELL!!!

The Daffodil garden is very beautiful and a great place for pictures, that is if you have children who cooperate while taking photos! HA HA! Christie and I gave up and both breathed a, "well next year will be better." Here's hoping!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Field Trip to the Farm!

On Thursday it was Texas day at pre-school. Barrett LOVES an excuse to wear his boots and cowboy hat.

Usually Barrett has a problem with riding the church bus with his class. On the last field trip he somehow worked his way into riding in the car with his teacher. He is SO shy and when he found out that Mrs. Jennifer wouldn't be riding with the class on the bus, well that just wouldn't work. I got a call from the office saying he wouldn't get on the bus, OMG really??? So, he got to ride with Mrs. Jennifer in her car, thanks Jennifer!

So, on Thursday on our way to school I said "Barrett your gonna ride with your class on the bus right?" He said he would and I told him I would follow the bus in my car and meet him there. I was SHOCKED when he came out of the school, looked at me in the car, waved and hopped on the bus! WHAT? Am I on camera? OHHH, relief!!

We headed to a local horse farm here in Lindale, they train horses from all over Texas. It was a beautiful place!

The kiddos had a great time and learned all about working on a Horse Ranch. They had two brand new baby colts they were so cute. Here are the classes, we tried to get everyone in and looking.

Barrett loves all things tractors, dirt, trucks, and working so this was right up his alley.

I have two cute little cowboys on my hands!!

Barrett's teacher told me the funniest story about Barrett and Sophia, his girlfriend. Before the field trip Barrett and Sophia were putting a puzzle together, Barrett got up and walked off. Sophia told him to get back over there or it was over! I was dying, how funny is that.

It's good to see that she didn't stay mad at him for to long! LOL!!

The kids just loved petting the horses, I don't know how much the horses enjoyed it??

We had a great day at the Ranch!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is why Jack loves me more....

"Mom, the reason Jack loves me more is that I do fun stuff with him." Okay, Sweetie. Your brother does love you, but he love us all. We all love each other equally. "Well Mom, I let him do fun stuff outside. So I think that's why he likes me so much."

I love seeing these two together, in their element. On tractors, in the dirt, being boys! It just makes me smile. I always thought I would be playing barbies and dress up, not trucks and mud pies. God truly has a way of giving us what we need, not what WE think we need. I couldn't be more blessed with the three amazing boys in my life!

What are you doing?!?

What are you doing?? I feel like I say that ALL DAY LONG! These two boys defiantly keep me on my toes! They are always into something or other!

Jack's new favorite hobby is climbing into for lack of a better term, "junk cabinet". I have this piece of furniture that I keep batteries in on one side and on the other, well junk! Jack has discovered the batteries and I am contently telling him, NO!! Now he has started climbing all the way in the cabinet. I hope it doesn't fall through it is a pretty old piece! I love this face, I caught him climbing out when he heard me coming!!

Last night I was doing the dishes and I look outside to see this.................

My son jumping on the trampoline while the sprinklers were spraying underneath it. I mean who lets their kids do this??? All I have to say is he was under his fathers supervision at this time. HA!!

Later that evening, on his third set of clothes for the day. He comes in the living room to tell me he is making cookies. Well, Okay. News to me. He actually got them out and put them on the cookie sheet and said "Mom I just need you to turn on the oven." I love a self sufficient man that can cook!

Again, What are you doing??? It never ends!!!