Friday, March 19, 2010

A Field Trip to the Farm!

On Thursday it was Texas day at pre-school. Barrett LOVES an excuse to wear his boots and cowboy hat.

Usually Barrett has a problem with riding the church bus with his class. On the last field trip he somehow worked his way into riding in the car with his teacher. He is SO shy and when he found out that Mrs. Jennifer wouldn't be riding with the class on the bus, well that just wouldn't work. I got a call from the office saying he wouldn't get on the bus, OMG really??? So, he got to ride with Mrs. Jennifer in her car, thanks Jennifer!

So, on Thursday on our way to school I said "Barrett your gonna ride with your class on the bus right?" He said he would and I told him I would follow the bus in my car and meet him there. I was SHOCKED when he came out of the school, looked at me in the car, waved and hopped on the bus! WHAT? Am I on camera? OHHH, relief!!

We headed to a local horse farm here in Lindale, they train horses from all over Texas. It was a beautiful place!

The kiddos had a great time and learned all about working on a Horse Ranch. They had two brand new baby colts they were so cute. Here are the classes, we tried to get everyone in and looking.

Barrett loves all things tractors, dirt, trucks, and working so this was right up his alley.

I have two cute little cowboys on my hands!!

Barrett's teacher told me the funniest story about Barrett and Sophia, his girlfriend. Before the field trip Barrett and Sophia were putting a puzzle together, Barrett got up and walked off. Sophia told him to get back over there or it was over! I was dying, how funny is that.

It's good to see that she didn't stay mad at him for to long! LOL!!

The kids just loved petting the horses, I don't know how much the horses enjoyed it??

We had a great day at the Ranch!

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  1. Oh, how I wish I were still in "real" East Tx!! I grew up in Kilgore and would love for my little boy to grow up around horses and everything "country!" Guess we'll just have to make the city as country has we can!!