Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What are you doing?!?

What are you doing?? I feel like I say that ALL DAY LONG! These two boys defiantly keep me on my toes! They are always into something or other!

Jack's new favorite hobby is climbing into for lack of a better term, "junk cabinet". I have this piece of furniture that I keep batteries in on one side and on the other, well junk! Jack has discovered the batteries and I am contently telling him, NO!! Now he has started climbing all the way in the cabinet. I hope it doesn't fall through it is a pretty old piece! I love this face, I caught him climbing out when he heard me coming!!

Last night I was doing the dishes and I look outside to see this.................

My son jumping on the trampoline while the sprinklers were spraying underneath it. I mean who lets their kids do this??? All I have to say is he was under his fathers supervision at this time. HA!!

Later that evening, on his third set of clothes for the day. He comes in the living room to tell me he is making cookies. Well, Okay. News to me. He actually got them out and put them on the cookie sheet and said "Mom I just need you to turn on the oven." I love a self sufficient man that can cook!

Again, What are you doing??? It never ends!!!

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  1. I feel your pain on the "third set of clothes" thing. My son is going through at least 3 sets everyday! The laundry never ends. Oh well, boys will be boys! At least they're having fun.