Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day at the Dealership

Today after Jack and I had run a million errands in Tyler; and then picked up B from school, we headed to the dealership. My car had a light on and we went to have it checked out. Barrett LOVES to go up to the dealership and work with his Daddy. On our way there Barrett says: "Mom, have you ever been to the dealership? I can show you around." Me: "Uhh, YEAH. I only worked there for four years buddy, I think I'm good on the tour."

So while they guys checked out my car we rode around on the golf cart and explored the dealership. It is a little boys paradise. Cars, Trucks, Tools, so much to do and so much to get into trouble in!!

Barrett helped to guys wash my car, and one of his old four wheelers that we got out of storage for Jack. The man was in his element!!

Notice the popcorn in his hands. The popcorn and candy machines might be another big draw to the dealerships too! He tucked a towel into his jeans and said, "Mom I'm a worker man now." Too much I tell ya, the boy is too much!