Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Saturday!

We had a busy Saturday! We got up bright and early for Barrett's soccer game. The Falcons pulled of another win and Barrett played hard. It was so windy at the game! I wasn't prepared, I was a little cold.

After the game, the boys and I headed to Lufkin. Ryan had to stay in Lindale for a few work things, he was coming to meet us later. I was helping with a wedding shower for one of my best friends Patti. I drove like a mad woman and we made it to L-town just in time for the shower. It was so great seeing all the girls! And yes, I am the dork who forgot to take my camera to the shower so NO pictures. It was beautiful. The cake, the flowers, every thing was just great. Thanks to Karen and Judy for letting us use their house!!

After the shower we headed over to my cousin Julie's new condo that she is moving in to. It is so cute! Everything is pink and girlie, and I mean everything! She even has pink pots and pans!! I want her to redo my house, but I'm guessing since I'm the only girl in the house that won't be happening!!

After our long day the boys and I were worn out. My Dad picked up dinner from one of my favorite places the "Hole in One". My chicken fried tuna was wonderful! We had a busy but FUN Saturday, it was great to be at Big B and SuSu's house!!

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  1. Love Hole In One and I LOVE the tuna too. :) I cant wait to see Julie's condo. I have only been waiting 6 months for her to move in. hahaha :)