Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Friday!

Today SuSu and Big B were in town so we decided it would be a good day to do the kids picture with the Easter bunny. We all headed to Tyler to give it a shot. When we got there Jack and Mims were both waving at the Bunny. Of course they were still in the strollers with us at this point. I got Jack out and he walked right over to the bunny, he was ready. Mary Michael on the other hand was clinging to Christie like a leach. I pryed her off and we put them all on the Bunny and RAN!!!

So, they did pretty good! Mim's wouldn't smile, which is a shocker! She is always smiling at everyone; meanwhile Jack is mister solemn man, but not today!

While visiting the Easter Bunny they give you a coupon for Build a Bear, so we decided to let B go do that. He picked out a bunny, very fitting of the occasion.

After the mall we went to Haverty's. SuSu wanted our opinions on some new couches for the beach house, which we loved!! Mary Michael and Jack had a ball running around the store. Luckily we were the only customers in the store because Jack was wearing the dreaded "squeaky shoes"!!! He was running and the shoes were squeaking like crazy!!! I have been meaning to take the squeak out and just have forgotten. MAKE A NOTE, Crazy Lady!!!!

We have a busy weekend! Soccer tonight, game in the morning. Heading to Lufkin for Patti's bridal shower. Then two birthday parties on Sunday! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. Cute pics with the bunny! Tae hid behind me when we walked by him and we weren't even that close! Build Bear is one of Tae's favorite places somehow we escaped it today though!

  2. love, love the easter picture! jack looks excited! have fun this weekend . . . i hate i'm missing patti's shower. :(