Thursday, March 4, 2010

Slipper Day and a Big Fall!

Today was slipper day at school, guess what I forget. This morning after I got Barrett ready he says, "MOM, today is slipper day!" OH NO! I knew about slipper day and had even looked for some at Wally World earlier in the week, to no avail I might add. I had totally forgotten about it until five minutes before we left for school!

I had to think fast! Barrett how about we use your Max claws from your Halloween costume? He hesitantly agreed, I say better than nothing!

Here B is in his "slippers", you can see he was not to thrilled with my choice, but I think they worked out just fine!

While Barrett was at school Jack and I hung out at home. It was a very peaceful day until Jack decided he was going to climb on a chair and nose dive off onto a metal table. Oh yes, my monkey child fell onto the bottom of a wrought iron table and now looks like this.................................

He cried for a split second, I dash in pick him up to inspect the damage and he looks at me and laughs!! Oh my goodness, he gave me a heart attack and then laughs at me!!

I got an icepack and he tried to put it everywhere but on the boo boo! I am so glad the little pumpkin is o.k.!! Boys will be boys!!

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  1. Poor little Jack man! Hope he's feeling better. We had pj day at school for Collin today and he had to have a new pair of Star Wars jammies to be just like everyone else. I know what you're dealing with on "slipper" day. Hope Barrett had a great time! Talk to you soon :o)