Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a wonderful weekend at the Hopson house. On Saturday we went to Tyler with SuSu, Christie and Mary Michael to have lunch at The Fish City Grill. Then we headed to the zoo. WOW! We rarely go the zoo on a weekend, now I know why. Oh my it was soooo crowded. It was fun because SuSu was with us!

I let Jack get out of the stroller and run free he loved it!

That is more than I can say for the goats in the petting zoo. He was not to interested in them! I couldn't believe he wouldn't touch them.

Mom these pink birds are cool!

SuSu and Barrett got all the kiddos these stuffed monkeys, that they love. Well, except for Mary Michael she wasn't to sure about hers, Ha ha!

After the Zoo, SuSu came over and cooked the family a fabulous meal of crab and chicken! We sat outside by the fire and enjoyed our wine, while the kiddos played. Barrett practiced t-ball with his Paw Paw. I really think he is going to love playing t-ball!! We can't wait until the season starts.

On Sunday we went over to SuSu and Big B's Mineola house for brunch. Christie and I thought about going to see Alice in Wonderland, but we decided to go later in the week. Ryan kept Barrett at the dealership to work. So Jack and I headed home on a rainy Sunday. Jack napped and I read, I am all most finished with "Breaking Dawn", I know I just started reading the series. I am behind, I don't get much time to read. I am kind of sad, I don't want the series to be over :(

My dad snapped this picture on his phone of Barrett working at the dealership this weekend. They had all gone inside and left Barrett out playing. When they came out they found this..........

My little man had gone out to the barn and found his old tractor. He used an umbrella stand like a jack to put the tractor up on, and he was disassembling it. He is so his Daddy's son! He cracks me up. Tonight while getting him ready for bed he said, "Mommy, you are the best Mommy in the world". I told him thank you and that I loved him so much. He said "Mom do you know why?" Me: No? Why? "Because you do things for me." Oh be still my heart!! He is a little bit like his Mom too, because he knows just how to get his way! HA!!!

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  1. So glad ya'll have been out enjoying the nice weather as well. Don't you just love these little boys they really do melt our hearts don't they! Oh and I would be happy to do some shirts for you and the boys. Just email me at anytime.