Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make some room Evan Lysacek!

Today Christie, Mary Michael, Leeanne, the boys and I all headed to the Big D. Mary Michael had a Dr.'s appointment and we all decided to tag along!

Here are the boys and I this morning before heading out!

After the Dr.'s appointment we headed to the Galleria, which let me say I have not been to in FOREVER!!! For shopping we generally go to Northpark, but shopping was not our mission today!! Well not our first mission, we may or may not have done a little shopping. So, we were all a little hungry and decided to have a little lunch at Mi Cocina. After lunch we got down to business.....ICE Skating!! Since the Olympics, Barrett has been intrigued by this whole ice skating thing. I told him the next time we went to Dallas that we could go and Christie could skate with him. Mommy has bad knees and I don't see any knee braces in the future so Aunt Christie is a perfect skate partner! And bonus, Leeanne wanted to skate too!

So here is my little ice skater trying to figure these skates out................

Mom am I supposed to walk in these???

You mean you want me to let go of this wall??

Okay this isn't so bad.

WOW! This is fun!!

Towards the end he was really improving! Thanks to Christie and Leeanne for skating with him. If Leeanne hadn't been there B would have taken Christie down on the first lap!

Mary Michael and Jack thoroughly enjoyed the ice skating, HA HA!!

Mary Michael was so tired she fell asleep in the stroller, and Jack got so antsy I took him out. He was running around all over the place and at one point he got out on the the ice and busted it!!

It was sooo fun to watch Barrett have that first ice skating experience! When it was all said and done, I think his favorite part was watching the Zamboni driver fix the ice with the machine, figures!


  1. i put a picture up of us on my blog and you have one your giant brace. i will be okay if i never see another dislocated knee. :)

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I just stumbled on your blog. Your boys are so cute. And so is Christie's little girl. Tell her I said hi!
    Casey (McDaniel)