Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This sums it up......

It's over and I really dislike taking Christmas down. It alway makes me sad???

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with The Hopsons!

On Sunday, the day after Christmas the rest of our family came to Lindale to celebrate!! Ryan's Mom, Dad, and brother Kolby. Grandfather Pappy and Dori, Eric and their SIX boys, yes SIX. Blaise, Braden, Bransen, Breece, Carter, Lane, and Grandma Joan! We had a full house!!

We had a nice lunch and it was so fun to have all the boys together!! They were just wild!!

Teresa my MIL brought her new baby girl.....Bella the puppy

Her only girl, she has 8 grandkids ALL boys!!! HA!!

I mean there were kids everywhere!! So fun!!

Nana and PawPaw got the boys ripsticks! Yes, that meant the boys had to put together all 8 so they could all ride!!

Jack really tried to hang with the big boys, so cute!!! It was a fun day, but I was exhausted! I don't know how Dori does it, HA!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day I was up early anticipating my excited little boys!! My Mom and Grandmother had spent the night at our house. I quietly went to get some coffee when I thought I saw the boys wing door open. It was dark and I thought Barrett had gotten up early and come out to see his gifts. I said, "Barrett, when I heard my sweet Nanny's voice say, Kelly?" She had fallen in the bathroom in the middle of the night and pulled herself out of the bathroom and down the hall. I rushed to help her up and check her out. Luckily she was okay, just a little shaken up. The poor thing was even cracking jokes, she told me she sure was glad Jack's baby potty was on the floor so she could use it!! HA!! After that fiasco Barrett runs out ready for Santa gifts!! I had to hold him off so I could get Ryan up, cameras ready, and Jack up.

Jack's Santa gifts.....

Barrett's Santa gifts........

Even though they were super excited to get up, they were still a little groggy. I love their little sleepy faces!!

The boys played with their toys and Daddy put TONS of things together, while Mom and I cooked breakfast. The rest of the family came over and we had a wonderful breakfast!

It's always more fun at the kids table!!

After breakfast we opened up more gifts and of course the kids got WAY to much!! Guns and Trucks and Basketballs OH MY!!!

To end our Christmas Day the family left, and I was sad!! I have another tradition that came to an end that day, Christie and I ALWAYS go to the movies on Christmas day and when she left....another tradition bites the dust! Or so I thought! Ryan knew I so wanted to go to the movies, so he had his Dad come down and keep the boys so my tradition was not lost. Bonus he even agreed to see Black Swan with me!! Merry Christmas to me!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Yes.....I am fully aware that it is January 8th and this is just now getting posted but better late than never!!

Christmas Eve we headed to my parents place in Mineola for our traditional Christmas dinner. Christie, Cragg and my parents were all gracious enough to come up to Lindale/Mineola for Christmas, so we didn't have to travel! My Mom cooked her usual Christmas eve dinner of Beef tenderlion with all the fixings. I have to admit I have had mixed emotions since my parents sold what we refer to as the "big house" a year or so ago. Last Christmas they had just sold the house in September and it hadn't really sunken in. We had Christmas eve and Christmas day at my house, and that was the first time we had veered from our normal program EVER!!! This year as many of you know has been full of change for us. My sister-best friend- only family here in Lindale with me, moved. I knew this Christmas would be different and hard....I am a stickler for traditions, and frankly I don't like change. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful that we are all healthy, happy and able to get together for the holidays, but I was having a hard time this year with things being different.

We all had dinner at together at my parents and it was great, just different. Food was wonderful, family check, but I soooo miss our big Christmas get togethers in Lufkin. Enough of the sobbing, here are our precious kiddos on Christmas eve!!

Trying to get a decent picture before we headed to dinner....

Well just lay back and relax Jack...

All 3....even more difficult. I swear Mims always looks and smiles, my 2 look CRAZY!

Me and my FAVORITE boys!! Love our little family!!

Jack and Mims had a blast opening their presents!!

Sweet Mimsy practicing being a Big Sister!!

My B-man loves his guns!! He is a true Texan!!

With the kiddos now, our Christmases have changed. Instead of Christmas Vacation and Cocktails it's now trying to have dinner and wrangle kids. HA!! I wouldn't change it for the world!!

We drove home and got ready for Santa's big visit!! We put out our Reindeer food, courtesy of the May family!

We then put out the brownies from Santa, yes brownies. Apparently that is what OUR Santa likes!!!

It was a great Christmas Eve!! Ryan knew how I was feeling and assured me that we are creating new traditions for our boys, and that they don't know any difference. He was of course right and I am super blessed!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Neighborhood smores!

Christmas Eve, Eve since I didn't have enough to do we decided to have some neighbors over for a smores roast!!

We had the May's and the DeWolfe's over. We had a ton of kids and there were marshmallows on fire all over the place!! I'm just glad no one was hurt, HA!!

The kiddos were just huge messes, I couldn't take pictures because I too was covered in marshmallow and chocolate!! At one point Jack came up to me holding up his hands, crying. I looked and his hands were stuck together with marshmallows and covered in leaves!! HA! MOM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a messy but fun evening!!

Polar Express 2010

Each year I take the kiddos to the Polar Express train ride in Palestine, TX. Usually my Mom, Shi Shi and Mary Michael join us. Unfortunately they all got sick this year!! Since we already had the extra tickets Leeanne graciously accompanied me and Barrett got to invite a friend! Barrett's best girlfriend, Sophia came with us! I have posted about Sophia before, these two have been best buddies since they were 2!! We actually went on December 10th...I'm just now posting this. Can we say BEHIND!!

Sweet Jack! He was tired, but a trooper!!

They kiddos had a blast! Leeanne and I were worn out, I couldn't have made it with out her!! I am not a Mom of more than 2 kids, HAHA!! I don't know how you ladies with more do it!! It was a peaceful drive home, the kiddos all fell out!! It was another great ride to the North Pole!!

Gaylord 2010 ICE!!

WAY back at the beginning of December, the 2nd to be exact we headed to the Gaylord in Dallas. We have been going to ICE every year at Christmas since Barrett was 3. This year we conveniently had a Dodge meeting for the new 2011 Durango launch and it was at the Gaylord!! It worked out perfectly!!

Here is a peek of the new Durango! Hopefully I will be driving one soon...if it ever gets here, HA!! They are super good looking!!

When we first arrived at the Gaylord, Ryan had some meetings and we were waiting for our friends to arrive so the boys and I made a gingerbread house. The Gaylord is just so amazing at Christmas it is just decorated to the hilt!! The place we made our gingerbread house was in a BIG gingerbread house!! Crazy!!

I'm mean really....getting pictures of these two lately has been horrendous!! They are precious; but I CANNOT get them to look at me, or smile at the same time!!

These houses make ours look like a shack, HA!!

Our friends, The Reed's and the Randall's arrived and we all headed to the ICE exhibit. This years theme was Charlie Brown Christmas.

Jack and Carley!

Barrett and Cole!

Everyone thought the kiddos were all related! They are a very cute bunch!!

Some of the amazing ICE sculptures!!

After ICE we all headed to yummy Cantina Laredo for dinner!! It was a wild, big group. We had a great time!!

The next day it was time to head home. On our way out of town we stopped at the Galleria to let the kids ice skate, clearly we couldn't get enough ice!! HA!!

Jack's 1st Movie!!

Yesterday I decided to take the boys to the movies. Barrett had been wanting to see "Yogi Bear". Barrett had only been to the movies a few times, and Jack hadn't ever. So I thought we would give it a try!!

Before we left I got a call from my nephew, Kolby saying he was coming up to visit. It worked out perfect, he just met us at the movies.

I bought the tickets on my phone, thinking it would save time. When we got there, no one was at the ticket counter. We stood there for a while, I finally walked up to the concessions and asked, they said "oh yeah you buy them here". Gee, thanks!! So 15 minutes and $100 dollars later we had 3-D glasses in hand. Ha Ha!! It was hilarious seeing Jack in the glasses!!

Barrett loved the movie! He kept dodging the screen as things came toward him, it was pretty funny!! Jack did really well. He stayed still through out the movie and was pretty quiet. It was a pleasant surprise!!

Kolby and B headed to Lindale and Jack and I to Tarjay for some last minute shopping.

Barrett decided he wanted to eat at the "root-beer place" for dinner, which is the Country Tavern. We asked the Nance's to come with us. Ryan brought home a big van and we all loaded up and headed to Kilgore!

I did a terrible job taking pictures, but with the kids and the wait....

We had a great time, I LOVE their ribs!! We did miss Karah, the Nance's oldest daughter. She was home sick, feel better soon Karah!!

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